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Diamond Supply Co. Men's T-Shirts

Edgy, comfortable, and unique are some of the descriptions associated with Diamond Supply Co. T-shirts. This men's clothing and accessories brand may be generally considered a member of the street-style or skateboard-wear canon. Diamond Supply Co. has provisions that scale both worlds to ultimately provide a comprehensive line of men's clothing.

What sizes do these men's T-shirts come in?

This men's apparel company offers their customers a range of men's T-shirt sizes from small to XXXX-large. Before selecting a size, you may want to measure the circumference of your chest. From there, Diamond's T-shirt sizing guide is as follows:

  • Small: 18 inches - Medium: 20 inches
  • Large: 22 inches - X-Large: 24 inches
  • XX-Large: 26 inches
  • XXX-Large: 28 inches
  • XXXX-Large: 30 inches
How should this men's apparel be washed?

Most of the clothing within the Diamond Supply Co. line of T-shirts are made from either cotton or a cotton blend. As a result, they can undergo normal wash cycles and normal drying.

It is important to note, however, that several of the shirts in this men's apparel line features large screen-printed images. In these instances, consider air drying because repeatedly running screen-prints through a dryer may lead to cracking of the printed image.

Are Diamond Supply Co. long-sleeved items sized differently?

Yes. Many people may not realize that the length of your arm partially determines what size of shirt you should get. Particularly in long-sleeved items, this can completely change what size you wear. Diamond Supply Co. advises measuring the length of your arm by extending it out sideways, level with your shoulder. You then should measure from the middle of your neck to where your thumb meets your wrist. The company's sleeve-length sizing guide for standard men's long-sleeved shirts is as follows:

  • Small: 20 inches - Medium: 21 inches
  • Large: 22 inches - X-Large: 23 inches
  • XX-Large: 24 inches
  • XXX-Large: 25 inches
  • XXXX-Large: 26 inches
What styles of T-shirts does Diamond Supply Co. make?

Diamond Supply Co. makes a few different styles of T-shirts. Long-sleeved T-shirts may often have the company's logo on the arms or on the front, while the short-sleeved shirts sport the logo or other graphics on the shirt front. While they are generally viewed as a casual brand, they do offer selections in woven and button-up shirts. However, Diamond Supply Co.'s designs primarily focus on embellished tees, graphic tees, basic tees, or tank tops.

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