Diamond Coin Bezels

Diamond Coin Bezels to Set Your Rare Pendants

Special pendants like rare coins often need a unique diamond coin bezel to show off the color and engraving. Whether you need 14-karat gold or something else, you will find myriad options on eBay. Shop new and used diamond coin bezels in an array of styles to find on that is right for you.

Does eBay carry custom diamond coin bezels?

Many of the pre-owned pieces on eBay are custom, and there are a lot of standard pieces also. You will find that the rarer the metal you are looking for (such as above 14-karat gold), the more likely you are to find custom pieces. There are some artistic pieces sold at auction on eBay, so you are sure to find something unique when you search for pre-owned pieces. Many of the pieces resemble jewelry of vintage time periods, so it helps to keep in mind different styles and jewelry eras when you shop. Be sure to specify how large you want the diamonds and the karat of gold that you are looking for as you scroll.

What features matter for a diamond gold bezel?

There are several important features you should keep in mind as you shop. A diamond coin bezel that is useful for you will contain some important features that you should try to specify in your search. They are:

  • Coin included or not included - Some coins come with a custom bezel or are often paired with a certain type of standard bezel. If you are looking for a common pairing, be sure to search specifically for the coin type as well as the bezel.
  • Size of the bezel - You will need to make sure you get the right size for your coin.
  • Type of coin the bezel holds, if applicable - Some bezels are made for a certain coin, such as the American dollar coin or the Italian lire. In some cases, the bezels come with a certain type of styling to match the coin's country of origin.
  • Type of metal - Be sure to specify what type you are looking for.
  • Country of origin - This adds value to the bezel and helps you match styles of jewelry as well.
What types of diamond coin bezels are there?

Mainly, there are handmade and cast diamond coin bezels. The handmade ones are tooled and tend to be more ornate. These often have other jewels with them besides diamonds, and they may come with a custom chain. There are also some "diamond-cut" cast diamond coin bezels. These have sharp detail even though they are cast. In addition, there are plenty of simple sterling-silver cast diamond coin bezels for less rare coins.