Glucose MonitorsGlucose meters, or glucometers, are small battery-operated medical devices for people with diabetes or hypoglycemia. These meters test your blood sugar levels at regular intervals throughout the day as recommended by a doctor. When choosing a glucose monitor, a doctor may have recommendations for you, but there are many available from manufacturers like Dexcom G5, Freestyle Libre, Onetouch Verio, Accu-chek Aviva, and Prodigy.
Ketone MonitorsKetone monitors measure the level of ketones in your blood or urine, however you will get a more accurate reading from blood. For diabetics, the presence of ketones in the blood is critical to keep track of as it means that your body is not producing enough insulin, and can make you sick as a result. Popular ketone monitors include those from trusted brands Ketonix and Precision Xtra.
Glucose Test StripsGlucose test strips, which work with a glucose monitor, are small strips of chemically-treated paper that measure the level of glucose in your blood. For a glucose check, only a quick prick of the finger and a small drop of blood for the test strip are needed. The strips are available over the counter, and depending on your glucose meter, you can get your strips from Onetouch, Accu-Chek, Freestyle, Contour, TRUE, and Prodigy.
Ketones Test StripsBecause glucose strips cannot test for ketones, it is critical to have ketone strips in the event of illness. For a diabetic, the presence of ketones in your blood can mean serious illness if paired with a high glucose reading. Like glucose strips, ketone test strips are not interchangeable and it is important to get the strips that match your chosen monitor. Some of the leading strips available come from brands like Precision Xtra, Bayer, and Ketostix.
LancetsLancets are small, double-edged needles used to prick your finger for either a glucose or a ketone blood test. The puncture made by lancets is tiny and thus produces a small drop of blood, which is just enough blood for either test. Lancets are available from Onetouch, Accu-chek, Freestyle, Bayer Microlet, and Contour Next.