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The Detroit Red Wings play 41 home games each hockey season. The season runs from October through April. The newly constructed Little Caesars Arena in Detroit has many different seating options for fans who want to watch a hockey game.

What are some facts about Little Caesars Arena?

Little Caesars Arena was opened in time for the 2017-2018 hockey season. The building replaced the old Joe Louis Arena, where the Red Wings had played since 1979. Little Caesars Arena seats approximately 19,500 for hockey. The facility is part of a large district consisting of 50 blocks where fans can watch a game and enjoy the entertainment before or after the game. The arena is separate from the offices and the box office, and the arena floor is 40 feet below the street level. There are three primary seating levels at Little Caesars Arena. In addition, there are club seats as well as other unique seating options.

Seating types available at the arena

Little Caesars Arena has many different types of seating options for fans. Here are some of the seating choices that are available to fans.

  • Gondola Seating - This is an option that is unique to Little Caesars Arena. These seats are on the top level and are directly above the action. Fans in this level are looking directly down on the ice.
  • 100 Level - These are the seats in the lower bowl of the venue. This section is divided into two parts. The first are the sideline seats and the second is the corner seats that are behind each of the two goals.
  • Club Seats - This is the premium seating level that is located largely in the mezzanine level of the venue. There are also club seats in the lower level of the arena near center ice that can be combined with upscale dining options.
  • 200 Level - These seats are in the upper level of the venue and are the least expensive seats in the venue. The seats behind the goals are the least expensive seats in this level.
Where is the arena located?

Little Caesars Arena is located on Woodward Avenue in the Midtown Detroit neighborhood. The venue is located right off of Interstate 75.

Who do the Detroit Red Wings play?

The Detroit Red Wings play in the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference. The Red Wings host teams such as the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators. The Red Wings host their divisional rivals at least twice and will play at least one home date against each NHL team every season.

What amenities are there at Little Caesars Arena?

There are four restaurants located inside of the venue that are open not only on game days, but also on other days as well. One of the more well-known eateries in the venue is Kid Rocku001as Made in Detroit. The venue also features many different Detroit-themed food options. Many of the amenities in the venue can be accessed through an app.

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