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Destiny Video Games

The video game “Destiny” is a first-person shooter release from Bungie that allows you to explore science-fiction landscapes while battling a variety of alien races. There are plenty of virtual combat elements in this title for gamers to enjoy.

What is the game design of “Destiny”?

Utilizing an avatar to advance through shooter video games is common. Along with this, players can choose from a variety of weapons to defend themselves in combat. In “Destiny,” your mission is to help preserve humanity, which is under the threat of being wiped out by aliens. Although “Destiny” is primarily a first-person shooter, the content contains elements normally found in role-playing games. Players assume the roles of Guardians, who must protect the last city on earth while searching for a powerful being called the Traveler. There are three different Guardian classes for you to choose from, all of which have a different appearance and modifiable armor. The classes are:

  • Hunter: By choosing to play as the Hunter, you'll gain access to better skills related to mobility. The Hunter can unlock a triple-jump skill and has the option of moving between enemies quickly.
  • Warlock: Warlocks gain impressive melee powers as they level up. Players can develop the ability to create explosions and throw lightning bolts.
  • Titan: Titans have the toughest armor of the three classes. They can take a large amount of damage from enemies, which comes in handy during a prolonged firefight.
What modes of gameplay does “Destiny” offer?

Bungie's “Destiny” offers players several types of gameplay. The main story missions, or quests, can be played solo or with a fire team of three players. Strikes, which are side missions, require three players, while raids are completed by teams of six. There are also timed public events that players can choose to join. The Crucible is a challenging multiplayer mode in which teams compete against one another for control of an area. The multiplayer option requires that gamers remain connected to the internet even if they are playing solo.

Bungie released a number of downloadable add-ons, which are referred to as expansions. Each expansion for “Destiny” includes new features and missions. They are:

  • ”The Dark Below”: Guardians must eliminate the Hive by killing the Fist of Crota.
  • ”House of Wolves”: The Fallen must be united in order to defeat the House of Wolves.
  • ”The Taken King”: The “Taken King” is a sequel to “The Dark Below.” Guardians must battle against the Taken King, Oryx.
  • ”Rise of Iron”: Guardians must protect Earth's last safe city from the Fallen, an alien race.
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