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Dental Equipment

Whether you're a new dentist straight out of dental school or you have an established practice, you're going to need new dental equipment at some point. You can choose high-quality dental systems that will last for a long time as well as consumables meant for a single client. Consider the size of your dental practice and find the ideal portable or permanent dental equipment for your clients.

How do you decide when to purchase new dental equipment?

Dental equipment such as chairs, portable X-ray systems, software for billing, and milling devices for implants can cost a significant portion of your earnings. Before purchasing, consider:

  • Tax implications: You are allowed to deduct the cost of purchases to a certain degree on taxes. Before purchasing, consider the timing in order to receive the ideal deduction.
  • Necessity of purchase: If your current equipment is showing signs of age or is becoming dull, consider investing in new items. This can increase the effectiveness of the procedure, saving time for you and the client.
  • Features: Each brand has different benefits. Consider necessary features and other dentist reviews before purchasing.
How and when should portable dental equipment be sterilized?

Safety is paramount when working with your clients, so you'll need proper sterilizing equipment to ensure safety. Examples of portable as well as non-portable sterilization accessories include:

  • Sterilization equipment: Items that penetrate skin or gum tissues will need to be pressure-sterilized by an autoclave machine for 30 minutes between every client.
  • High-level disinfectants: If the equipment does not penetrate skin or gum tissue, it should still be pressure-sterilized between patients. If unable, it is acceptable to clean them with a disinfectant registered with the EPA as high-level.
  • Enzyme solutions: Before sterilizing your items, soaking them in an enzyme solution will remove blood, tissue, and other debris.
  • Rust inhibitors: Since sterilization can sometimes cause rust, you can use an inhibitor to prevent damage to your instruments.
What consumable equipment will be necessary for a new dentist?

When you're starting your first practice, you'll need dental consumables such as:

  • Handpieces: While few enjoy the sound of the dental drill, a high-quality drill allows you to efficiently clean out the area.
  • Scalers: When you need to remove significant amounts of plaque and tartar from a client, a good dental scaler does the job. It will allow you to perform the task efficiently, reducing discomfort for both you and them.
  • Picks: These basic dental items allow you to scrape plaque off your client's teeth. This works by restoring the teeth's smooth exterior and prepare the teeth for polish.
  • Polishers: Help whiten your client's teeth with a portable dental polisher. These smooth the tooth's surface, providing a solid foundation for resisting plaque buildup.
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