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Things To Consider When Looking For Denon DVD Players

Watching movies or television shows from a physical format, such as a DVD, can give you the feeling of being in a movie theater right in your own home. With a Denon DVD player, you have the option to play a variety of music and video formats to entertain yourself and those around you.

What other features do some Denon DVD players have?

While these devices are generally designed to play DVDs, some models are also able to play a variety of different discs and video formats. Depending on the player, you may also be able to enjoy:

  • CDs: In some cases, DVD players can also play CDs. This way, you can listen to your music without having to turn it into a digital format first.
  • VHS tapes: If you have a large VHS collection in addition to a DVD collection, choosing a DVD player that allows you to watch your entire collection is an option.
  • Blu-ray discs: Some devices are capable of playing Blu-ray discs in addition to DVDs. Blu-ray is a high-definition format that is capable of storing large amounts of data and can produce playback with more detail than traditional DVDs.
What should you consider when looking for a DVD player?

When looking for a DVD player, there are certain aspects that you may want to consider. These aspects include:

  • DVD region coding: DVDs are often given regional digital codes that are only compatible with certain players. Ensure that the player is compatible with your DVDs.
  • Up-converting: Some players are able to artificially enhance picture quality on older DVDs. This process is known as "up-converting."
  • Connectivity: Some models have an HDMI port, an analog audio output, a DVI output, and an S-video output. Some models may also have a USB port that you can use to connect a memory drive into, letting you play video from other formats.
  • Parental lockout: If the DVD has a rating capability, parents or guardians can prevent children from watching certain movies or television shows.
  • Sound: Many player models have Dolby Digital surround sound technology. This can give your movies and videos a theater-quality sound.
What is progressive scan?

This is a particular format, also called 480p, that is used when showing playback on a screen. For this format, the DVD player paints an entire single frame every 1/60th of a second. In contrast, devices that use interlaced scans to show playback paint an image one line at a time in sequential order. Devices that use progressive scan is capable of showing twice the amount of detail onscreen as devices that use interlaced scan technology. It is also less susceptible to flickering that is often associated with interlaced scanning.

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