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Delphi Car and Truck Shocks and Struts

Delphi is a manufacturer of shocks and struts for high-end and luxury vehicles. The components that this company creates work with air suspensions and electronic suspensions found on vehicles including Corvette, Mercedes, BMW, and Land Rover models. With a wide selection of Delphi shocks and struts, you can find what you need for your car or truck.

What is the difference between shocks and struts?

Shocks and struts are components of an automobile's suspension system. While both of these components help create a smooth ride, the struts connect directly to the vehicle. This makes it a component of the vehicle's chassis, as well.

Shock absorbers connect to the rear wheels of the vehicle and minimize the bounce experienced while driving the vehicle. Struts, on the other hand, bolt to the chassis of the vehicle to ensure the vehicle drives straight when operated. It also prevents rolling from side to side when the vehicle is turned when driving.

What is a Delphi electronic shock absorber?

Delphi manufactures electronic shock absorbers which work with an electronic suspension system. This is a setup within an automobile and has its up and down movement regulated with the help of a computer. These types of setups are found on vehicles including BMW and Mercedes automobiles.

What is a self-leveling sensor?

A self-leveling sensor, also known as a height sensor or ride height sensor, is installed in a self-leveling suspension system. This sensor sends the signals to the control module within the suspension and allows for the vehicle height to change. When this occurs, the on-board air compressor and shock absorbers located on the rear wheels are adjusted accordingly. This allows for a smoother ride and enhanced performance.

How do tie rod ends affect a vehicle's suspension?

The tie rods of a car are attached to each end of the steering rack. As the surrounding pinion passes over this slotted rack, the tie rod ends create a push-and-pull effect on the front tires. The tie rod ends are the first to experience the shock as the tires go over an uneven surface. They then transfer this shock to the suspension.

What is a suspension spring assembly?

A spring assembly is a housing for a shock or strut. The spring fits over these suspension parts, offering a tighter fit and added shock dampening. This assembly contains the shock, spring, and bushings needed for installing at the wheel.