Manage Your Network Using a Dell Server Rack

Managing access to system resources within your network can take multiple servers. If you have to deal with several servers at once, an affordable Dell server rack can help you organize each computer in a central location for easy access. You can take a look at the huge range of new and pre-owned server rack options eBay has to offer.

Can you purchase individual rack servers?

A server rack includes several mounting slots. You can put a rack server in each of these bays and manage all of them from one location. However, you can also get individual rack servers by Dell on eBay. Each of these servers has its own specifications, and you can use eBay's search options to find the rack servers that meet the needs of your network. Some server rack bays also come with one or more servers for your convenience.

What are some features of these servers?

Dell server racks have bays that hold low-profile computers in each slot. Because each processor acts as a dedicated server that helps your network function efficiently, it's important to choose racks that have the minimum features or standards you need. You can use the sidebar categories on eBay to find server racks or individual servers that fit your specifications. Here are some common features from which you can choose:

  • RAM capacity: This denotes how much random-access memory each server will have in order to retrieve data for you.
  • Number of processors: A single server or rack might have several processors. Each one can perform high-level operations, and multiple processors working together are designed to perform lots of operations quickly.
  • Memory type: You can use eBay to find Dell server racks that use DDR SDRAM or DDR3 SDRAM.
Do processors come in different types?

Each server in your rack or Dell cabinet will use at least one processor. Several brands make processors according to particular needs or specifications. You can browse through all the types of processors that are available to Dell server racks on eBay. The following are some common types you will find on rack-mounted servers:

  • Celeron
  • Opteron
  • Pentium
  • Xeon
How do you mount a server?

Once you've acquired your Dell rack server, you'll need to mount the computers in the cabinet before connecting them to a network. How you mount your server will depend on the form factor of the server and the type of Dell PowerEdge rack or server cabinet you are using. Most rack servers slide into their ports horizontally.

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