Store Important Data Using a Dell PowerEdge R210

Data storage is a concern for everyone, whether it be security or just space issues. By using the Dell R210 server, though, you won't need to worry about either. With a decent amount of power and space at your disposal, you'll have no trouble storing tons of information without hassle.

What are the specifications of the Dell PowerEdge R210 server?

The Dell PowerEdge R210 server utilizes a 64-bit Intel Xeon X3440 2.53 GHz quad-core processor. Its maximum computing speed is 2.93 GHz. Equipped with 16GB of RAM, 8MB of cache memory, and a maximum of 4TB of space, it can both store and process substantial amounts of data without much of an issue. Additionally, being only 17 by 15.5 by 1.68 inches in total, its small size makes it easy to store to further enhance its usefulness.

Does the Dell R210 have an internal power supply?

Yes, the Dell R210 is equipped with a single 250-watt power supply and has a charging cable for connecting to an outlet. This, as well as the low-flow fans and ergonomic internal design that enhance airflow, both keep the server running cool to reduce the risk of damage through overheating, which earns it an ENERGY STAR certification.

What kind of security features does the Dell R210 possess?

In order to keep your information safe, the Dell PowerEdge R210 has a number of basic security features to keep unauthorized people from tampering with it. These include:

  • Top cover lock - In order to access the internal components of the server, a lock on the top cover must be unlocked first.
  • Power switch security - To avoid accidentally turning the server on or off when not intended, the integrated power switch on the server itself is stiff and resistant to movement. Additionally, the power switch can be set to be disabled in the CMOS setup, eliminating any accidental switching entirely.
  • Intrusion switch - The intrusion alert is a feature snapped into the server's chassis. It will alert a user to the fact that the side cover has been opened, either as an accident or because someone has been tampering with the server.
  • Secure mode - Instead of a normal boot sequence, the PowerEdge R210 can enter a secure mode boot. In this mode, a user is given limited functionality over the system but can do things like setting a password for accessing the server data.
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