Keep Your Laptop Charged Using a Dell M6600 Battery Replacement

Every laptop needs a battery in order to stay charged and continue letting you do tasks like browsing online. This holds true for the Dell model M6600, a reliable computer with a long-lasting battery. Occasionally, a replacement battery may be in order, in which case you can find plenty of options at an affordable price on eBay.

How many cells does a Dell Precision M6600 battery contain?

A battery's cells are what cause it to generate power when its circuit is completed. As such, the more cells you have in a battery, the longer it should be able to last in most cases. For the Dell M6600 battery, the only model produced by the company is one featuring nine cells with a 97Wh capacity and a maximum voltage of 11.1V.

How long is the Dell Precision M6600 Notebook's battery life?

There are a number of factors that can influence the total battery life of a Dell Precision M6600 notebook, such as the type of programs it runs, how old it is, the brightness settings, and much more. According to the manufacturer, however, an unplugged Dell M6600 can last for around 11 hours at most before running out of power. This gives users ample time to browse the web or find an outlet without worrying about a black screen.

How can you tell when to replace the battery?

While it is not always clear if a problem specifically stems from a bad battery, there are a few signs you can look for to identify the need for a new battery. They are:

  • Random shutdowns: If your computer ever randomly shuts down with no input from you, the battery may be to blame if there is no other obvious cause.
  • Extreme heat: While a blocked or otherwise malfunctioning fan may be a potential answer, extreme heat localized near your laptop's battery is a cause for concern.
  • Slowdowns: Laptop slowdowns can be caused by insufficient power or inconsistent power usage.
  • Refusal to stay charged: If your laptop is in constant need of charging and can't go more than a few minutes without warning you that it needs to be plugged in, this is an indication that your battery is not charging properly.
Can you use the M6600 battery on other Dell laptops?

You can use the M6600 model Dell battery with a variety of other Dell laptops with compatible builds. Some of these models include the:

  • M4600
  • M6800
  • FJJ4W
  • 97WH
  • FV993
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