Charge up a Dell E6420 Battery and Work Efficiently and Easily on Your Laptop Without Delay

Like any brand of a laptop, your Dell needs a battery to turn on and function as a computer. That is no different for the Dell E6420 models, all of which require a battery to do their job. If you're in need of a replacement Dell E6420 battery for your laptop with long battery life and reliable charging capabilities, you'll be able to find the right Dell battery on eBay.

How long is the battery life for Dell E6420 batteries?

Assuming that the laptop in question is using a nine-cell version of this battery, a Dell Latitude E6420 battery should last around nine hours without you needing to plug it in for a recharge. That can change based on the age of your computer and battery, how intense the programs you run might be, the screen brightness, and several other factors related to how you use your computer during that time.

How long does a Dell E6420 battery take to charge?

The length of time it takes for a battery to charge can depend on several factors, most prominently, whether you use the laptop while charging it. When turned off, the Dell E6420 battery can take about half as long to charge as it usually has a battery life close to five hours. With the ExpressCharge feature that speeds up charging, however, it only takes around two hours, according to the manufacturer. While the Dell E6420 laptop is on, these numbers would both extend logically. See the manufacturer site for details.

How many cells does a Dell E6420 battery contain?

A battery's cell is the component inside it that allows it to produce power when part of a circuit. The more cells a battery has, the more energy it can charge up. The Dell E6420 battery is most commonly found in either a six or nine-cell variety, though other versions are available on eBay. These batteries have a capacity of 60Wh and 97Wh, respectively. Given the reliability of these products and their long battery lives, either option could be a good choice for your laptop and worth considering when shopping on eBay.

Can you use Dell E6420 batteries in another Dell laptop?

Yes, the Dell E6420 battery is compatible in shape and function with other models of laptop, specifically, others in the Dell Latitude product line. Some of these compatible computers' model numbers are:

  • E6430
  • E5430
  • E5520
  • E6320
  • E6120
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