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Add Definitive Technology Home Speakers to Your Sound System

Definitive Technology produces a wide variety of home speakers and subwoofers that can enhance any sound system. These speakers are available in several formats and can include different features depending on the model you choose. You can browse eBay's selection to find the Definitive Technology speakers that work for you.

What types of Definitive Technology speakers are available?

You can get Definitive Technology speakers in different form factors to suit your needs. The type of speaker might refer to its shape, how you install it in your home, or both. You can use the categories on eBay to search for the speaker type that you think works well with your current multimedia arrangement. Some common types you will find during your search are described here:

  • Floor - These Definitive Technology speakers are designed to stand on the floor. They usually take a tower shape and might work well standing on either side of your television or audio source.
  • Wall or ceiling - Some speakers will fit inside the walls or ceiling of your home. You may wish to use this option if you want to keep your Definitive Technology speakers out of your line of sight.
  • Soundbar - You can place a soundbar directly on your audio source.

What kinds of configurations can you choose?

After you choose the type of Definitive Technology speakers you want, you may wish to customize them further by selecting how they are configured. The configuration of your speakers defines how they are set up, how many there are, and the different kinds of audio channels they produce. You can browse through eBay's entire selection to explore all the options, or you can use the site's categories to help you. Below are some common configurations:

  • Single system - This setup will include a single speaker or subwoofer of your choice.
  • 2.0 - Definitive Technology speakers with this designation will have dual speakers without a low-frequency subwoofer.
  • 5.1 - This configuration includes five-channel speakers and one low-frequency subwoofer to provide you with a range of sound levels.

Do Definitive Technology speakers come in different shapes?

You can find Definitive Technology speakers in several shapes on eBay. The wide variety of shapes allows you to customize how your speakers look in relation to your home decor or multimedia setup. If you already have spots picked out for your speakers, you can purchase them in the shape that makes them convenient to place there. Common shapes for Definitive Technology speakers include squares, rectangles, and circles.

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