How Can I Use Decorative Fruit?

Adding a fresh element to your home is a clever use of artificial fruit and vegetables in any season. Decorative lemons spruce up a dining room table in springtime or artificial apples line a mantle in the fall. Fake fruit provides a natural element to home decoration without worrying about switching out the real thing.

How Do I Display Decorative Food?

Your sense of decor comes down to matching each season's changes with your home's style. Consider these specific uses for each type of fake fruit decoration and decorative vegetable:

  • Fake Citrus: Fill a clear bowl or vase with artificial fruit such as lemons, oranges, or limes in the spring and summer. This pop of color works in a minimalist or country-style home. These also pair well with Christmas decor.
  • Thanksgiving Centerpieces: Cluster a sustainable cornucopia of artificial fruit and vegetables, incorporating the colors of the fall such as green, red, and orange. Artificial food can weave between candles, ornaments, and other tablescape accents.
  • Casual Decor: For year-round decoration, a mixture of fruit and vegetables in a traditional fruit bowl creates a sense of welcome. Fill a wooden serving bowl with apples, grapes, or even bananas for a realistic feel.

What Are Artificial Fruit Items Made From?

Fake fruit and vegetables can be made from a list of materials. Some come across as more realistic than others, but it's all a matter of taste.

  • Plastic: a popular material for fruit and vegetables, plastic food is safe around the house, as it will not break, and remains lightweight for crafting and clustering together.
  • Ceramic: For more of a classic look, ceramic fruit adds an ornamental touch to a kitchen or dining table. This is less of a traditionally artificial look, and leans more toward a decorative feel, as it does not often have a lifelike, edible appearance.
  • Foam: Great for crafts and fruit displays alike, foam artificial fruit is both lightweight, easy to secure displays, and more realistic due to its lack of shine.

Can I Craft with Decorative Fruit?

There are endless opportunities to incorporate artificial fruit into a list of craft projects:

  • Wreaths: For wreaths around the holidays and floral arrangements in the spring, attach foam apples, grapes, and other festive fruits for unique home decoration.
  • Garlands: String together artificial food items in an array of colors. Choose artificial red fruits like berries and apples or add pops of green throughout a bountiful vegetable display with artichokes and eggplant.
  • Weddings: Safer and more cost-effective for wedding party decorations, decorative artificial food items work well in centerpieces or throughout ceremony decor. Fill table vases with fake fruit or line the bar with fake succulents. Fake fruit can bulk up floral centerpieces when working within a budget.