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Create a Unique Look for Your Apple MacBook Air With Decal Transfers

Owners of the Apple MacBook Air and other laptops have the ability to decorate their computer with a unique MacBook decal that creates a custom appearance. There are several different decal transfers available designed for different models of MacBook Airs as well as other MacBook laptops.

What are these decal stickers made of?

Decal transfer stickers for MacBooks are made of vinyl. A decal is designed to go on the front cover of your MacBook laptop and is pressure activated. Many decal transfers are available with some of them being handmade. Some of the available choices include:

  • Flags and symbols
  • Cartoon characters
  • Animals
  • Musical instruments and musicians
  • Sorting events and sports figures
  • Movie and TV shows
  • Other brand logos
  • Symbols
How are these decals applied?

There are several steps necessary to apply a decal to your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. MacBook decals consist of three layers. Transfer instructions include the following:

  1. Verify the presence of the three layers. The top layer is the application film, the bottom layer is the backing decal paper, and the middle layer is the actual vinyl decal.
  2. Clean the surface and make sure there is no dust or oil on the surface before applying the image.
  3. Peel of the application film from the decal paper. Make sure the decal sticks on the application film and not to the backing paper.
  4. Position and transfer the application film on the target surfacing. Rub the top of application film with a credit card or dry paper to make sure there are no air bubbles caught beneath the vinyl image.
  5. Peel off the application film slowly at a very low angle. Make sure the vinyl decal transfers to the surface and not on the application film. If there are any difficulties in removing the application film, leave the film on the MacBook a bit longer.
What size Apple MacBook will these stickers fit?

Vinyl decals are made to fit the Apple MacBook Air and Apple MacBook Pro laptops that have between 11-inch and 17-inch display screens.

How long does a MacBook decal last?

Several factors can affect longevity. However, under normal conditions, MacBook stickers can be expected to last for up to six years. A key to achieving that longevity is to try to keep the surface out of direct sunlight, away from locations where it can be exposed to temperature extremes, and away from moisture, like spills or rain.

Is it possible to create unique MacBook stickers using a printer?

You can print a sheet stickers on a sheet of specially designed decal transfer paper. Decal paper is made to be printed on and has a sticky back. There are templates for stickers using a sheet of special paper. MacBook stickers are often used to add color to a MacBook laptop. In this manner, you can download and print your favorite designs or even create your unique images to add to your MacBook.

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