Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Dealer or Reseller Listed Art

Art comes in many forms. Artists use their skill and imagination to create something beautiful and meaningful whether it's a painting, a sculpture, or any other manifestation of their creativity. Dealers and resellers act as middle persons between the artists and buyers.

What does original art and reproduction mean?

Original works are those works specifically created by the artist. This would be the painting the artist painted in oil, watercolor, or pen and ink. It can be the first and unique photograph developed by the photographer. It can be three dimensional like a statue, sculpture, or clay model from a television series. Whatever the form, an original is one that the creator actually worked on. They can be referred to as the master or master print.

A reproduction is a copy of the original which has been approved by the original creator or owner. Reproductions are often sequentially numbered with a known number of total prints produced.

What does a dealer or reseller do?

A dealer is the middleman between the creator and the buyer. Dealers find promising artists and market their work to their clients. Some dealers specialize in a specific artist, time period, or medium. Dealers look for and sell original works for the most part.

Resellers can be distributors of art to a larger customer base than a dealer. They deal with reproductions and reprints. Distributors can package artwork by adding a frame to it. They may make the reproductions themselves or source them from another company.

Does artwork have to be signed?

It's not essential that any artwork is signed. A signature is preferred because they aid dealers, curators, and collectors in placing the work within the proper time period and identifying the artist. A signature can be included for a variety of reasons. An artist signs the work to show that it's completed. Some artists will write on the back of the canvas more details like the date it was completed, what materials and colors were used, and who commissioned the work. There are some signatures that are hidden in the painting. An artist could hide his signature or a message in the background of the painting.

What is a limited run print?

A limited run print is a reproduction of an original with a set number made. For example, a work may have a hand-signed number like "4/25." This means that this particular print is the fourth print out of 25 made. You may see limited runs of photographic prints, giclees, figurines, posters, serigraphs, and lithographs.