What's The Story of the DeLorean?

You don't see too many DeLoreans cruising the highways these days, and that's largely because the manufacturer had numerous production and financial problems, resulting in a complete bankruptcy. The cars were simply too costly to produce, but with their distinct looks and famed history, the DeLorean DMC-12 has cemented itself in vehicle history.

What Are Some Interesting DeLorean Facts?

Not only do the DeLoreans have a look that's all their own, but the car was full of interesting and engaging possibilities when it was first conceived.

  • John DeLorean, the creator of the vehicle, launched his company in 1973. He looked to celebrity investors to get his invention off the ground, and some of his famous early investors included Johnny Carson and Sammy Davis, Jr. The prototype for the first car was created in 1976.
  • The car was meant to have some innovations on board, including a brand-new chassis design and rear-mounted engine; however, these didn't come to pass, which were some of the first setbacks the DeLorean encountered.
  • Only a year after production on the vehicles began, the company was going under and closed in 1982. Oddly, John DeLorean was accused of drug smuggling to fund his vehicle, but he wasn't found guilty of the charges. Though he was acquitted, it was too late for the fledgling company to find its footing, and that was the end of the DeLorean at that moment in time.
  • What Features Did DeLoreans Have?

    One of the most prominent features of the DeLorean is its doors. Called gull-wing doors, they open upwards, giving the car a futuristic look. With a manual transmission on board, the DeLorean could achieve high speeds quickly, reaching 60 mph in less than 10 seconds. The car included a 130 hp engine as well as four-wheel independent suspension. One of the hallmarks of the car is its unpainted doors, made of stainless steel panels. This was unique in the fact that the car had no paint or coating on it at all. Additionally, the underbody of the car was made of fiberglass.

    What is the DeLorean Best Known For?

    Movie fans fondly remember seeing the DeLorean show up in all three "Back to the Future" films. The character of Doc Brown has repurposed the DeLorean into a time machine, bringing attention to this long-forgotten car, which now has a place in history due to the films and their popularity. During the filming of the movies, production used six DeLorean vehicles, as well as a specially-made car for special-effects sequences. Three of the cars survived filming, and you can see two of them on display once in awhile at Universal Studios as props. Many film fans have purchased their own DeLorean to create an homage to the film's time machine, but if you want to see an official version of the "Back to the Future" DeLorean, visit the Petersen Automotive Museum.

    What's the Future of the DMC Company?

    In 1995, Stephen Wynne purchased the DMC trademark with the intent to produce his own DeLorean company, called DMC Texas. He used some old parts from previous production to start creating another line of cars. In 2016, the company projected it would begin creating DeLorean replicas that look similar to the original 1982 version. The company intends to produce a small number of cars each year, available to collectors with a retail cost of $100,000.