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Daycare Supplies

Owning a daycare involves responsibility and providing the necessary care of the children in your facility. Most daycares offer times for playing as well as times for educating the children. There are supplies that are needed for most facilities and that can be used for a range of activities.

How do you choose daycare supplies? There are numerous supplies to choose from for your daycare facility. One of the aspects to consider when looking at daycare supplies is the cost. You also need to look at the material of the daycare furniture. Find furniture that is easy to clean but is safe for children to play on or sit on while they are in the daycare. School supplies are commonly needed in daycares, as are foods for lunch or snack time and personal hygiene supplies for the restroom.

What are common items for infants?

  • Cribs: Each crib should have a mattress that fits securely inside. The cribs in the daycare school should feature the proper regulations regarding the width between the slats and then adjusting the mattress.
  • High chairs: Most facilities have two or three high chairs as a part of the daycare furniture list.
  • Changing Tables: A piece of furniture that you might want to include is a changing table with a soft mat.

What are some of the items used for toddlers? As a daycare owner, you may provide education in a classroom setting for the kids in the facility. Some of the supplies that you might need are the same ones that you would find in a traditional classroom of older children.

  • Small Table: You can have a few tables in the daycare so that children can color, learn to write, or eat on in the center. The table should sit close to the floor with chairs that are the right size for the children so that they can easily keep their feet on the floor.
  • Cots: A cot can be provided so that children can take a nap in the afternoon. This is a piece of daycare furniture that is often seen in facilities of all sizes so that kids can get the rest they need during the day.
  • Playground Equipment: Whether children play inside or outside, try to offer a variety of playground equipment. Small slides can be located inside the center with larger slides, swings, and toys to ride on outside.
  • Storage: A cubby or a storage locker with shelves can be used for bags, clothes, and other items that kids have at the center.

How should you clean daycare furniture? All-purpose cleaners are great for removing dirt and grime, but germs are commonly spread in daycares. It's important to use an EPA-certified sanitizer to help eliminate bacteria on various surfaces. Most pieces of furniture, such as a table, chairs, and storage compartments, can be cleaned with a cloth and a safe disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses. Green cleaning products should be used before but not in the place of sanitizers or disinfectants.

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