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David Bowie Vinyl Records Pop Up After Singer’s Death

You miss David Bowie, but there's a way to keep him alive. David Bowie Blackstar songs are still being released to the public despite the death of the singer two years ago giving you a chance to get new and unreleased records.

How Did The New David Bowie Vinyl Albums Get Released?

Before his death, David Bowie requested that his label release eight songs posthumously. Since they are limited edition vinyl reissues, they are a vinyl collector’s dream come true. Here are some facts about the new releases:

  • It’s no coincidence they released it last April 20 since that’s the same date they released "Aladdin Sane" 45 years ago.
  • The Brooklyn Museum, known for displaying music icons, dead or alive, will be opening a David Bowie exhibit. The exhibit is expected to contain collectibles from "Space Oddity" to "Hunky Dory" performances, as well as the new releases of the artist.
  • The vinyl records will include a mini-LP dubbed "Live in Berlin" and a reproduction of the hit single “Time.” The "Live in Berlin" album is a rare find since it contains eight songs from Bowie’s concert in Germany that happened 40 years ago.

How Did David Bowie Become a Legend?

He was an artist that catered to different sets of fans and he inspired more than his fair share of pop culture influences and references. When you think pop, you think Bowie. Here are more reasons why David Bowie became legendary:

  • He is one of the world's best-selling music artists with over 140 million album sales under his name.
  • He created the popular alter-ego Ziggy Stardust, a memorable persona that inspired both music and fashion.
  • He was a well-loved actor as well and is most known for his role as Jareth, the Goblin King, in Labyrinth.
  • He employed a wide variety of musical styles including rock, theater, new wave, etc. However, the most prominent aspect of his music was the way he used his voice - using different octaves and dramatic tones.
  • According to music historians, David Bowie was a pioneer of glam rock, which is also evident in the stagecraft of Kiss and other popular musicians in the 70s.

Which David Bowie Albums Are the Most Rare?

Many of the songs released by the label are rare and unrecorded songs of Bowie. Here are some of the most sought-after records:

  • The David Bowie LP titled "Changestobowie" - It is one of the re-releases in the rock star's request.
  • Two Limited Edition Brooklyn Museum LP Exclusives - It contains two discs, which are orange and silver in color.
  • "Who Can I Be Now?" - Vinyl (LP box) - It is a collection of many of his songs from 1974 to 1976.
  • David Bowie "Blackstar" - Vinyl (LP) - This is one of the most popular albums in his repertoire.
  • Suffragette City/Starman Indian Press Single - This is one of the most valuable singles to date.
  • "Man Who Sold the World" LP VG+ SR-61325 With an Unseen Alternative Paste Over Cover - This is a rare and sought-after version of the "Man Who Sold the World".
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