A Symbol of Reliability: Datsun

Datsun is a well-known company that has been operating since 1931. Since its inception, you could see owners proudly marketing classics such as Datsun B210 for sale and Datsun 240Z for sale. If you're looking for used Datsun cars and trucks for sale, eBay can help you get these vehicles at reasonable prices.

What types of Datsuns for sale can you find on eBay?

Datsun cars and trucks can be divided into classic and new vehicles. Here is a brief overview of these categories:

  • Classics - Cars and trucks before 1986 are usually classified as Datsun classics. Some of these cars such as Datsun Fairlady and Datsun 240Z are among the most prized possessions for car enthusiasts. Nissan Patrol jeep is yet another example of four-wheel drive that is still highly regarded by buyers due to their reliability and off-road capabilities. Bluebird 510 and Datsun 240Z also hold the unique distinction of top-selling affordable sports cars in the world. Similarly, Datsun 720 is a Datsun pickup for sale that was well received around the globe. Overall, there are a variety of Datsun classic models that continue to show up because many of are fully operational and can be used for their original purpose.
  • New models - In 2013, Datsun announced reentry in the affordable car segment. The seven models produced by the company were well-received by the media and consumers. They include a variety of family-oriented models ranging from small compact cars to sedans and crossovers.
Datsun cars sold as Nissan

Datsun was operating as a separate company until Nissan took over the production in the early '80s. It was at this point that a lot of the Datsun and Nissan models were simultaneously marketed in different markets. The hybrid marketing strategy was used to allow the transition from Datsun to Nissan. The well-known Datsun B210 is also one of those cars that was sold as Datsun 120Y, Datsun B210, and Nissan Sunny. From 1986, all cars were exclusively sold under the Nissan brand. However, in 2013, the Datsun brand was relaunched as a separate entity to market economical cars in a variety of body styles.

Newer Datsun models

The new Datsun models are Datsun Go, Datsun Go+, Datsun on-Do, Datsun mi-Do, Datsun Redi-go, and Datsun Cross. Most of these models are tailor-made for Asian, African, and Central European markets, but some of these used vehicles are already finding their way in the secondary markets of Western Europe and the United States.

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