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Dash Parts for Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry has been in production since 1982, having started as a compact car and morphing into a mid-size vehicle over the course of several generations. The Camry features four doors, a 2-liter engine to 2.5-liter engine, and the ability to select a gasoline or hybrid fuel source. After many years of driving your Camry, one or more of its dash units may need to be replaced, or you might want to make an upgrade to these interior accessories of your car.

What are the features of dash parts for Toyota Camry?
  • Automatic software updates for navigational units: The navigational systems made for use in the Camry automatically download software updates. This allows you to enjoy up-to-date maps, road construction, and real-time traffic updates.
  • Touchscreen or digital displays: The entertainment, navigational, and radios for the dashboard of the Toyota may offer digital displays that allow you to touch the screen to select options, scroll, or adjust the settings.
  • Hands-free functionality and compatibility with smartphones: Navigational systems, radio, and entertainment products for the Toyota may have Bluetooth technology. This allows you to have hands-free functionality. Many of these products are also compatible with Android or iOS smartphones, allowing you to connect to the data in your phone to make calls or play music.
How do you choose dash parts for a Toyota Camry?

As with an auto accessory you should have the make, model, year, and trim level handy. This will ensure that you choose a part that will fit your specific Camry.

  • Select a manufacturer: You can select products for the dashboard that are made by Toyota as the Original Equipment Manufacturer. There are also aftermarket dashboard accessories made by companies including American International, Coverking, Dash Designs, Dashmat, Hizpo, and Pioneer. You could also select unbranded or customized panels or accessories for installation on the Camry's dashboard.
  • Choose a color and size: The dashboard panel covers are designed to match the interior trim of your Camry. The navigational products range in size from four to eight inch displays with black, silver, or another color of perimeter housing.
What are the types of Toyota Camry dash parts?

There are many auto parts that are designed to be installed on the dashboard of the Camry. One type is the cover panel, which is a piece of plastic that fits over all of the openings for the radio, sensors, ignition, air vents, and displays. There are also steering wheel covers, which are designed to protect the column and wheel. They prevent the wheel from getting hot when the Toyota Camry is parked in the sun all day and offer comfort for your hands. These Toyota Camry parts are made to match the trim color of the sedan.

There are also informational systems, such as global positioning satellite receivers, that allow you to get directions and updates about road, weather, and traffic conditions. You could also choose entertainment products for your car. Many of these offer multi-functional systems, such as satellite radio, Bluetooth calling, voice-activated music controls, digital video disc players, MP3 players, video calling, and games.