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Toyota 4Runner Dash Parts

All different styles of parts are available for the Toyota 4Runner's dash, including covers, kits, shift knobs, and organizers. Each dashboard component has its own purpose, be it organizing your things or displaying vital information.

What Toyota dash parts and components are there?

Toyota 4Runner parts and components for your dash are made to fit over different areas of the existing dashboard or to replace existing components, depending on the design. Knobs, levers, panels, and switches are all available to change the look of an existing Toyota 4Runner’s dashboard.

How do you install Toyota dash covers?

Toyota 4Runner covers are made to fit the top of a dashboard. These come in a variety of different finishes and colors. Most can be installed directly over your car or truck's existing dashboard. Make sure to clean your Toyota's dashboard thoroughly before installing a cover so that it seals appropriately.

What types of Toyota 4Runner dashboard kits are there?

Toyota 4Runner dashboard kits come in lots of different finishes, including carbon fiber, textiles, colors, and prints. These are often plastic or metal pieces that are also designed to fit over an existing car dashboard by snapping into place. They are available in many styles to accommodate a variety of Toyota 4Runner models and years. Kits make it possible to alter the aesthetic look of your car's dashboard fairly simply.

What are Toyota shift knobs and gears used for?

Your Toyota's gears track functions including speed, mileage, heat, and wheel rotations per minute, while shift knobs are used to switch gears. Some contain different colored lights, fonts, or numerals. Toyota 4Runner shift knobs and gears can also be switched out or replaced when necessary or desired.

What kinds of Toyota 4Runner dash organizers are there?

Organizers can be put into the Toyota 4Runner's glove box to store supplies. Some are shaped like envelopes and made out of textiles. The closure is often snap or Velcro, and interior pockets allow you to organize documents, manuals, and important directions. Other organizers are made from hard plastic and allow you to keep things like first aid materials and spare hardware safe in your car.

How do you clean Toyota 4Runner dash parts?

Most parts of a Toyota4Runner dashboard can be cleaned by wiping a damp, clean cloth over the parts to remove dust. This includes the top, front, knobs, gears, and glove box. If spills or stains are present on your car's dashboard or its parts, mix warm water and mild soap together into a solution and apply it with a soft cloth. Rinse the areas carefully once they are clean by wiping with a damp cloth until the soap is gone. Finally, dry the dashboard with another soft cloth.