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Subaru WRX Dash Parts

In the Subaru WRX there are multiple components that make up the dashboard. Some of these parts can be analog and some can be digital, depending on the Subaru's make and year. Understanding the parts in the dashboard is essential in the process of finding the correct replacement part for your Subaru WRX.

What parts are in the dash of a Subaru WRX?

Parts can differ in the Subaru depending on the model of your car, but the major components in the WRX's dashboard have stayed constant over the years. These have also stayed consistent in the overarching vehicle type, the Subaru Impreza. Here are the dash parts you should know.

  • Odometer: Located at the center base of all Subaru WRXs, the odometer informs you of total distance driven and has the option of a soft reset for informing you of a single drive's distance.
  • Speedometer: The WRX's speedometer is very clear, letting you know your speed in both miles per hour and kilometers per hour. Current versions of the WRX let you know your speed via a digital readout in the center of the dashboard or in a heads-up display (in upgraded trims) as well as other information like engine heat and engine status.
  • Tachometer: This part lets you know how your Subaru's engine and transmission are working in conjunction with your motor. It will let you see how many rotations per minute are happening so you can properly manage your Subaru.
  • Digital readouts: More recent Subaru WRX models have introduced digital readouts to the center of the dashboard. These let you know different pieces of information that you wouldn't normally find on an analog dashboard such as current gear and gas efficiency. Other features like brakes' heat and brakes' pressure can also be added as accessories.
Which dash parts are correct for your Subaru WRX?

Though most WRX Subaru Imprezas are similar, each will have slightly different wiring and parts specific to that Subaru. Therefore, it's imperative to find the correct parts for your car. Here are a few steps you can follow to ensure you find the right parts.

  • Check your Subaru WRX's trim and year. Find the exact year and trim of your Subaru in order to let you pinpoint the correctly manufactured part.
  • Isolate the issue (if there is one) on your dashboard. If certain dash parts aren't working, try to find out if it is an electrical problem, a computer problem, or an actual dash problem. This will let you order the correct part and fix the issue in one step.