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Subaru Forester Dash Parts

All different styles of dash parts are available for the Subaru Forester, including dash kits, gauges, dash covers, knobs, and organizers. Each type of dashboard part for your vehicle serves a different purpose. Cleaning your dashboard and its components regularly can help to avoid dust buildup and maximize efficiency.

What types of Subaru Forester dash kits are available?

Dash kits are made from all different materials including various types of metal, matte colored plastic, glossy plastic, prints, fabric textiles, and even wooden elements. Most styles of these kits are designed to fit directly over the existing dashboard while some can be substituted for the existing dash. There are cutouts for each of the requisite knobs and switches. Dash kits come in different styles and layouts for various model years of the Subaru Forester.

What sorts of gauges for the Subaru are options?

Gauges sit above the steering wheel to measure functions like fuel usage, speed, distance, and tire rotations per minute. These gauges involve light components and are available in lots of different fonts and looks. Gauges come in different sizes and layouts based on the model year that they are designed for.

What are qualities of the Subaru dash covers?

Dash covers fit over the top of the dashboard, and they are the piece that you see when looking in through the Subaru's windshield. These come in just as many finishes and colors. Like kits, some are made to be installed over the existing dash while others require replacement.

What kinds of knobs are available for the Subaru Forester?

Knobs for the Subaru are dash pieces that control functions like heat, air conditioning, radio volume, and station tuning. Each knob must be the requisite size and shape in order to fit into the Forester’s dashboard correctly. Some knobs are textured while others are smooth. Certain knobs are available in several colors.

What sorts of organizers can be utilized for the Forester?

Organizers can fit into the dashboard’s glove box to hold a variety of different supplies. Some are shaped like fabric envelopes with velcro or hook closure to hold papers, manuals, and important instructions. Others are made from more durable materials and act as a way to organize small odds and ends.

How do you clean Subaru’s dash parts?

Most Subaru Forester dash parts can be cleaned by wiping them down with a damp cloth to remove dust. If you have stains or spills on your vehicle’s dash parts and they happen to be made from hard plastic or metal, feel free to mix warm water with soap and rub at the stain with a soft cloth, being careful to avoid scratches.