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Dash Parts for Nissan Sentra

The Nissan Sentra is an iconic compact car that began its production run in 1982. A clear dashboard sits behind the steering wheel, letting you know all the pertinent information you may need while driving. In some models, most of these parts are analog, while other Nissans have replaced these with digital instruments and readouts. Regardless of the dashboard type, many parts may need replacing over the lifespan of a Sentra.

What parts does the Nissan Sentra dashboard include?

The dashboard that lies behind the steering wheel differs in layout depending on the model and year of your Sentra. However, the general readouts and parts within the dashboard have remained relatively consistent. Keep in mind that some models will have accessory features or even accessory pop-up displays, especially on premium trims. But here are the major components you'll want to make sure you have on your Nissan's dashboard.

  • Speedometer: In the Sentra, the speedometer is generally located on the right side of the dash behind the steering wheel and tells you your car's speed in miles per hour and kilometers per hour.
  • Tachometer: The tachometer tells you how many rotations per minute your Nissan's motor is getting. This is especially useful in the 6-speed and 8-speed transmission models of the Nissan Sentra.
  • Odometer: This instrument tells you how many miles you've traveled in your Nissan Sentra. In more recent models of the Nissan vehicle, the area of the dash that has the odometer also has a fuel efficiency meter that tells you how much longer you can travel on your car's current tank of gas.
  • Fuel and heat gauges: These are usually paired in the same region of the dashboard. The fuel gauge tells you how full the Nissan's gas tank is and the heat gauge lets you know if your car's engine is overheated.
  • Warning and indicator lights: Filling out the rest of the dash are a slew of auto indicator and warning lights. These will tell you if your vehicle needs something checked or fixed immediately. Many of the Nissan Sentra's lights alert you to issues with the car’s motor.
What connectors are needed for a Nissan Sentra dash?

Each Nissan dash will have different designs and engineering that hold the dashboard in place and let the instruments function correctly. Many of the parts mentioned below have the same terminology used for different Sentra models, but the sizing of the parts and the makers of the parts may differ. Remember to consult your car's user manual for fine details on connectors and screws.

  • Panel screws: These are embedded screws that keep a loose panel in place. Since your Nissan Sentra's dashboard effectively is suspended in place with wiring on one side and the steering wheel on the other, captive panel screws will be necessary to properly secure the dashboard.
  • Retaining screws: Retaining screws are used in dashboards to keep all of the different parts in place. When replacing specific auto parts, you'll be using quite a few of these types of screws.
  • Electrical connector: In order to get information (especially information about the motor for the tachometer and odometer) and power to most of the Nissan parts, electrical current needs to be passed through. The electrical connector is the component that performs this job.