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Nissan Maxima Dash Parts

Nissan Maxima dashboard parts include dash kits, gauges, dash covers, shift knobs, and glove box organizers. Different components of the dashboard help personalize the appearance of a Nissan vehicle's interior. Clearing out and routinely cleaning your dashboards will help keep them looking and functioning at their best.

What types of Nissan dash kits are available?

Nissan Maxima dash kits come in wood, carbon fiber, aluminum, prints, colors, and brushed finishes. They have space for all of the Nissan Maxima dashboard components including knobs and displays, and they provide protection to the dash underneath. Most dash kits can be installed directly over the existing dashboard to customize your car’s interior.

What kinds of Nissan Maxima gauges exist?

Custom gauge faces, factory gauge faces, custom gauges, mounts, sensors, and adapters are all available for your Nissan Maxima. Gauge faces involve dials with indicator lights, numbers, and letters depending on the particular gauge measurement. Some are different shades while others use a variety of different light colors, fonts, and even order and placement of different gauges. Mounts and sensors can be further used to personalize a Nissan Maxima dashboard.

What styles of Nissan dash covers are available?

Maxima dash covers for the front dashboard come in both hard and soft materials. Velour, suede, and carpet textiles serve as options for covering the dash as well as durable, treated plastic. These accessories come in all different colors and prints as eclectic as camouflage and animal patterns.

What are some qualities of Nissan shift knobs?

Maxima shift knobs come in an equally wide array of different shapes and icons. Some simply maintain the original shape but add color or different textiles, while others add three-dimensional difference. Three-dimensional models of guns, baseballs, snakes, dice, and tiki torches are just a few of the options available for your vehicle. Gear shift knobs are another way to make the interior of a Nissan Maxima your own.

What types of Nissan glove box organizers are there?

Glove box organizers can help to keep documents and supplies in order while they sit in your Nissan Maxima’s glove box. Rather than opening it up to a chaotic mess, you will know where everything is. Dividers with pockets, folders, drawstrings, and Velcro are all options for different organizing materials.

How do you care for a Nissan Maxima dashboard?

Taking time to wipe down the Nissan's dashboard with a soft cloth and to remove dust periodically helps to keep the car looking clean. Any sort of soft cloth will do the trick. Feel free to dampen the cloth with warm water in order to pick up even more dust and debris at a time. Once all the dust is gone, you may choose to dry the dashboard with another soft cloth or a rag. Take care not to scratch any part of the dashboard while you are washing and drying it.