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Nissan Armada Dash Parts

As the only full-size SUV in Nissan’s lineup, the Nissan Armada has many outstanding features that are able to truly shine in such a large vehicle. A great set of features lies in the Armada’s dashboard, where clear and concise controls and readouts let you know exactly how your car is working. Some parts of this dashboard use analog readings while others use digital synchronization with the car’s computer system.

What components are in the Nissan Armada dashboard?

Many iterations of the dashboard have been present in the Nissan Armada since the vehicle’s first generation in 2003. However, the essential components have remained standard throughout both generations of the Nissan Armada. Here are the major Nissan Armada dashboard parts you may need to repair or replace.

  • Speedometer: An important part in your Nissan Armada’s dashboard is the speedometer. Situated on the left side of the dashboard, the speedometer lets you know your current speed in both miles per hour and kilometers per hour.
  • Warning and indicator lights: Scattered around the exterior of the dashboard are a range of warning and indicator lights. These lights interface directly with your Nissan’s computer system, letting you know whether it is time to get a certain engine part checked out. They also give you an indicator of whether your car's headlights are on or off.
  • Middle readout: In the second generation of the Nissan Armada (and in upgraded trims of the first generation), a middle LED-powered readout lets you know the approximate range of your Armada based on the current amount of gas in your tank. The same middle readout also tells you what gear you are in.
  • Gas gauge: Though the middle readout can give you some information on your gas tank, there is a specific gauge for that as well in your Armada. Usually situated to the bottom right of the dashboard, this gauge lets you know when it is time to fill up.
  • Tachometer: Another critical component of the Nissan Armada’s dashboard is the tachometer. This shows exactly how many rotations per minute are occurring in the motor, giving you a quick read on how much power your transmission and motor are getting.
Which replacement parts should you get for your Nissan Armada?

Understanding which parts to purchase for your car takes only a few bits of knowledge. Keep these things in mind when looking for replacement vehicle parts.

  • Year and model: The more important bits of information to know about your Armada are the year it was produced, the model type, and trim type. They will help you pinpoint the exact manufactured parts that correspond to that vehicle.
  • Correctly diagnosed problem: Make sure you know exactly what is wrong with your Nissan Armada's dashboard before purchasing parts. If your Nissan’s dashboard is not lighting up, you could have either an electrical connection problem or a burnt-out light bulb.