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Dash Parts for Mitsubishi Eclipse

Restore your Mitsubishi Eclipse to full functionality after an accident with dash parts. Each item is engineered to fit the unique contours and electrical layout of the Eclipse. You can choose from a large selection of dash components from dash covers to vent diverters.

What are some replacement parts for the Eclipse dash?

Every component of your dash can be replaced or upgraded. Some parts for your Mitsubishi car include the following:

  • Dash panels: There are molded panels to replace the entire dashboard.
  • Radios: You can upgrade or replace the original.
  • Cap covers: Cap covers sit on top of the original dash for a quick fix after a crack or dent.
  • Wiring harnesses: These help you connect electrical components such as the stereo system to the electrical system of the Eclipse.
  • Trim: These are decorative panels that lay over the original dash material for an upgraded look.
What is a vent diverter?

A vent diverter is the plastic component that covers a vent in the dash of your Eclipse. It usually contains multiple plastic fins that you can move with a touch to direct the flow of air. Many units also enable you to close the vent completely to block hot or cold air.

What is a fabric dash cover used for?

A fabric dash cover lays over the top of the dashboard on your Eclipse. Fabric covers help protect your dash from fading. They can also cover up cracks or worn areas to improve the interior of the vehicle. Fabric dash covers often use hook and loop or adhesive fasteners that are easy to install and remove. Many dash covers feature openings for vents, but may also cover the speakers. This is normal as the fabric is porous, allowing sound to escape. The extra padding allows extra protection for your delicate speakers.

What is a dash bezel?

A bezel is the plastic frame that surrounds the instruments or components on the dashboard of your Mitsubishi Eclipse. These units are molded to fit the curves and size of your vehicle. They act as a protective barrier around the edges of each instrument or gauge, shielding them from damage and creating a neat, finished look. Depending on the year and model of your car, you can find bezels for the vents, clock, fuel gauge, speedometer, and more.

How do you choose dashboard parts for a Mitsubishi Eclipse?

A variety of manufacturers offer Mitsubishi Eclipse dash components, so you can choose from a range of colors and styles. Even when you know which item you need, the huge selection can make it a challenge to narrow it down. Follow these steps to refine your search and find the right item for your Eclipse.

  • Search by vehicle year: Try searching by the year of your Mitsubishi Eclipse. This narrows the selection to components that are compatible with your vehicle’s dash design.
  • Search by individual part: Select from vent covers, dash covers, instrument trim, bezels, radios, and more.
  • Double-check compatibility: Ensure that what you choose fits the trim, year, and model of your Mitsubishi Eclipse.