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Dash Parts for the Mazda 3

Mazda is a Japanese car manufacturer that was founded in 1920. This company makes a wide array of different automobiles. Find dashboard parts for the model 3 made by this company within this huge collection.

What types of replacement dash components and accessories are offered?

There are a variety of different parts offered for the dashboard of this vehicle. Some of the parts offered are listed here:

  • Air vents: These parts are installed at various locations throughout the dashboard. They are connected to the car's blower, which is a fan located in the engine. When the blower is turned on, air is pushed through these vents, which circulates throughout the car. These vents can be shut by turning a knob or pressing a lever, and they can also be redirected to face various directions.
  • Sun mats: These accessories are placed on top of the dashboard. They help protect the dashboard materials from UV rays.
  • Stereo bezels: These parts surround the car's stereo. Various color schemes are available that match the interior of your car.
  • Center dash section: This component is mounted on the top area of the center of your dashboard. It usually contains two central vents.
  • Lower storage tray: This part is installed in the lower portion of your dashboard. It contains a storage drawer and a socket for a cigarette lighter.
What types of stereos are offered?

Two types of stereos are commonly installed in dashboards equipped with this vehicle model.

  • Traditional stereo: These stereos are dominated by various dials and buttons that range across the front face of the stereo, and these devices usually play CDs and cassette tapes. Many of them also feature a 3.5mm audio jack for auxiliary devices.
  • DVD and GPS stereo: These types of stereos usually feature a central touchscreen. In addition to the ability to play CDs, these stereos can also play DVDs. They also usually have GPS capability.
How do you install new air vents?

Follow these directions to remove an old air vent in your car and install a replacement:

  • Work your way around the edge of the vent using a screwdriver or other flat-edged tool. If using a metal tool, cover the tip with a cloth to avoid damaging the dashboard material.
  • Pull the vent out of the dashboard with your hands after you've removed the vent partway.
  • Clean around the inside of the vent socket with a mild cleanser and a clean rag. Allow the vent socket to dry.
  • Insert the replacement air vent into the socket. Press the air vent firmly to secure it in the socket.
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