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Finding Dash Parts For Your Vehicle

A dashboard today isn't like it was twenty years ago and can now feature GPS systems, speakers and other modern conveniences. To update your Jeep TJ dash you can purchase various automotive parts, dash kits, and accessories to update your car for your lifestyle and to keep your interior looking stylish.

What Are Some Must Have Dash Parts?

While there are many different accessories to choose from, some of the must have items you should have for the dash panel of your Wrangler TJ are:

  • Air bag modules: Air bags are fitted into all new model cars so if your older model TJ does not have then it is definitely something worth investing in. You should have an air bag that fits in the driver side and also the passenger side.
  • A/C and heater outlets: You can update your current air system to a new system that will comfortably provide you heat in the winter and cool hair in the summer. There are different kinds of vents so you can choose the kind of air flow that you want and you can also find knobs to replace previous ones that have fallen off or gotten lost.
  • Glove box doors: Your old glove box door may have fallen off or become damaged, so you can add a new one on that fits correctly.

What Are Some Good to Have Dash Parts?

Some nice to have dash panel items to update the interior of your TJ vehicle are:

  • Touchscreen GPS: Having a touchscreen GPS on your dash is a great way to locate your destination through voice guidance. You can also have a system that has built in radio and Bluetooth.
  • Touchscreen heater: Rather than having a heating system with manual knobs and buttons, you can install a touchscreen heater for easier control while you are driving.
  • Bezel: If the glass on your existing bezel is foggy or scratched then you can replace with a new one for better visibility.
  • Dash kits: You can replace the center dash panel or the entire dash with a customized kit. You can choose dash kits with different finishes to improve the interior look and feel. You will be able to install some dash kits by yourself but if you are unsure of how to do it correctly then it is wise to seek help from a professional to do the fitment.

What Other Car Parts Can I Find?

Along with all the necessary parts for your dash, you can find other interior automotive items to purchase for your truck. There are replacement armrests, trays, power windows, cigarette lighters, and center consoles. You can also find exterior items such as headlights, car door handles, and roof racks for when you head off-road. Consider browsing the sellers on eBay for parts for other Jeep models such as other Wrangler models, Rubicon, Cherokee, and more.

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