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Honda Civic Dash Parts

The dash is the standard way of receiving stats, storing items, and more in a Honda Civic vehicle. Civic dashboards have a multitude of built-in parts and add-ons. The manner in which they are mixed and matched is completely up to the automobile owner's specific needs.

What parts make up a Honda Civic dashboard?

The central part of any dash is the instrument panel, where meters and indicators about the Honda's current state are visible to the driver. Some of the stats shown include speedometer, fuel level, oil check indicator, and internal temperature. Next in line of importance is the steering wheel which enables the Honda to be steered while driven. Equally as essential, the shift is what allows the car to change gears. Other Honda Civic dash parts include the radio, air conditioning units, and storage compartments.

What is shown on a Honda Civic dashboard instrument panel?

The dashboard’s instrument panel has malfunction indicators which display the brake system status, low oil pressure, battery, and countless other indicators required for safety. Other essentials in this category include SRS (for seatbelt and airbag issues) and the check engine light.

The condition indicators have all the mandatory symbols included. The basics of the seat belt, open door, low fuel, and low tire pressure signs are, of course, part of the instrument panel. Honda Civic vehicles, with the Driver Information Interface add-on, will also have the system message and Maintenance Minder icons. When on, the interface will display a notice about the Honda's condition.

All other indicators are On/Off indicators and are there to signify if an option is turned on or off. For instance, if high beam lights are turned on, the high beam indicator will blink on. Cruise control, VSA engaged/off, automatic brake, turn signal, and hazards are included to name a few important On/Off indicators featured on Honda Civic dash kits.

Why choose the Android Car GPS for the Honda Civic?

The Android Car GPS is a dashboard part known as the "Android 6.0 Quad Core Car Multimedia GPS Stereo Player." It is an Android software-based GPS interface built directly into the dashboard. With a 64GB storage disk and Quad Core processor, it is a powerful computer. Its Google GPS software has pinpoint location services available.

Why choose the Center Console Box Cover for the Honda?

The Center Console Box Cover is a dash part called the "Front Center Console Dashboard Storage Box Cover". It is a pop-up storage box for a Honda Civic front-center console. This dash part is factory-made to be easily installed yet sturdy and locked into place.

Why choose the Universal Cup Holder for the Honda?

The universal cup holder is a dash part listed as the "Universal Dash Trim Double Din Radio Pocket Kit Drink Cup Holder Storage Box". It is designed for use by any automobile interior and can be used to hold any of your drinks. The plastic add-on doubles as a storage box and measures 6.8 by 1.9 inches.