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Ford Focus Dash Parts

Ford first produced its compact car, the Focus, in 1998. Its later iterations are categorized by three distinct generations. The Ford Focus is a reliable vehicle; however, maintenance and repairs are required from time to time on such items as dash kits and parts.

Does the dash check engine light represent a serious problem?

There are a few levels of severity for the engine indicator on the Ford Focus' instrument panel.

If the light on your Ford's dash stays on and your car is functioning properly, it could be one of a few somewhat minor situations that still require attention:

  • The gas cap is not securely in place.
  • Your Ford Focus may be running low on oil.

If the Ford's engine light is blinking, do not drive your car. This scenario indicates a more serious situation, such as the following:

  • Thermostat error
  • Catalytic converter problem
  • Spark plug or wiring situation
  • Mass airflow or oxygen sensor malfunction
  • Exhaust valve problems
Are the ABS and brake system warning lights the same?

If one of these icons lights up on your car's instrument panel, you will need to address two different situations. On the 2014 Ford Focus, for example, the ABS icon represents some type of issue specifically within the performance of the vehicle's ABS system. The regular system should continue to work.

When the brake light on your Ford's instrument cluster is illuminated, it can point to one of a few performance possibilities. The first is that you might have left the parking lever on. If you have disengaged it, then the Ford Focus system's fluid level is low or perhaps another performance issue.

Are the vent duct parts compatible between 2005 and 2012?

The Ford Focus' interior dash configuration changed between the 2005 and 2012 model years. The 2005 is part of the first generation, and its Ford Focus dash kit parts will be compatible with some but not all of the models from 1998 to 2005. The 2012 is included with the third generation of Ford Focus models. It's compatible with Ford Focus dash kit parts from 2012 through 2018 air vents.

What parts are needed to switch a Focus audio system?

Making sure that your Ford Focus dash kit fits prior to replacing the Ford's stock audio kit with an after-market selection can prevent many unneeded steps. Deciding on the correct dash kit, and making sure it fits, also adds to your Ford's overall quality.

  • First, measure the Ford Focus' opening and compare it with the unit you want as a replacement part. If you're replacing the existing unit on your Ford with one of comparable size, you may just need a mounting bracket dash kit that fits. If, on the other hand, you are installing a multi-unit system in your Ford Focus, you could possibly require a new dash panel.
  • Second, investigate the wiring harness on your vehicle and compare it to the new system's harness. Adapting the two dash kit parts in your Ford may be necessary for proper fit.