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Ford Escape Dash Parts

A dash, or dashboard, can be found at the front of every car, directly behind and connected to the steering wheel and other operating tools. Dashes have many uses, including protection for those sitting in the front seats of your Ford or SUV. They also function as a location for controls such as the heating, AC, and radio controls, and on occasion, you'll need Ford Escape parts to repair your existing dash.

Are dashboards important in a Ford Escape?

Dashboards allow for protection of the driver, as well as a location for all the controls that are needed to adjust features like the temperature, radio, and emergency blinkers. They are necessary for the safety of the driver and function of the Ford.

What different dash parts are available for Ford Escape?

There are a variety of dash parts available for the Ford Escape. Some items available include:

  • Radios of all kinds for your vehicle.
  • Entire dashboards themselves.
  • Different temperature adjustment knobs for the AC and heating components in your Ford Escape.
  • Display Screens (OEM in post-2005 models of the Ford Escape).
  • Various dashboard panels that come in different colors and models.
How do you select the correct dash parts?

There are many different items that are available for your Ford Escape. There are a few factors to take into consideration when selecting the correct dash parts for your Ford:

  • Different functions: It is important to take into consideration what performance you would like your items to have. You have the option to work within the current shape/style of dash that was standard for the car or to get pieces that fit models that were made prior to touchscreen technology but that offer room for digital touchscreen stereos, cameras, and video technology.
  • Model of the vehicle/part: After selecting the performance and making sure that the performance is to your standard, select items that work for the model of your Ford Escape.
  • Colors/accessories: After selecting items that fit the model of your Ford, it is important to decide what colors and/or accessories you would like to have in your items.
What are dash parts made of?

There are a number of different materials to choose from when selecting dash parts and kits for your Escape, including:

  • Plastic: This hard material can be found on dash structures, knobs, vents, and more.
  • Leather: This soft, luxurious material offers a boost to your car's elegance quotient.
  • Wood: Burled wood accents began in the sixties as an accent and continue to be a bit of elegance when panels are added to glove boxes and dashes.