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Ford Bronco Dash Parts

Beyond serving as the comprehensive control center for many of the vital functions in your truck, the dashboard in your Ford Bronco can also serve as a source of information and entertainment. Moreover, with so many customization options, the dashboard can also serve as an expression of your aesthetic preferences as a driver. Simply select the Ford Bronco dash parts that complement the classic style of your bucking Bronco.

What kinds of Ford Bronco dash parts are there?

The dashboard in your Ford Bronco is structurally composed of a dash cover and a stereo bezel, both of which are easily replaceable. Embedded in these housings are various parts and accessories that augment the functionality or appearance of the interior of your Bronco. While the customization options are nearly endless, some of the components for your dashboard include replacement air vents, upgraded stereo systems, and convenient GPS systems.

How do you install a radio in a Ford Bronco?

Replacing the radio unit in your Ford Bronco is easy and requires several steps. Equip yourself with a flat-bladed tool like a flat head screwdriver and get started. The steps required may vary slightly with the year of manufacture and basic knowledge of the electrical systems in your Bronco is recommended.

  1. Locate the thin bezel surrounding the radio and the heat controls. Insert your flat-bladed tool between the bezel and the dashboard and work it around the circumference while prying gently outward.
  2. The radio unit will come out with the bezel when it is pulled out of the socket. Disconnect the wiring coming out of the back of the radio. Flip the radio and bezel over and locate the screws at each corner of the radio.
  3. Remove the screws and pull the radio unit out of the bezel. If your new radio fits into the slot in the bezel, insert it into the bezel and secure it with the screws. Otherwise, connect the radio to a custom bezel that accommodates its shape.
  4. Connect the wiring in the radio housing to the back of the new radio. Insert the radio and the bezel into the cavity and press firmly along the edges to secure it in place.
  5. Turn on the radio and play some audio to check your work.
How do you replace Ford Bronco dash vents?

The dash vents are some of the easier parts in your Ford Bronco to remove and replace. The process requires a flat-bladed tool. Follow these simple instructions to get started with some new dash vents in your Bronco:

  1. Pick a vent to start with and insert your flat-bladed tool between the edge of the vent and the dashboard.
  2. Gently pry outward while working your way around the vent to remove it from the dash. Use a mild cleaner to wipe down the inner surface of the vent housing.
  3. Insert the new vent into the housing and press firmly around the edges to secure it in place.
  4. Repeat these steps for the other three vents.