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Dodge Ram 2500 Dash Parts

Dodge Ram 2500 dash parts and accessories come in a variety of different styles including kits, covers, gauges, organizers, and steering wheels. Each part serves a distinctly different purpose. Cleaning your dash periodically will help to keep all of its parts functioning effectively.

What are Ram 2500 dash kits?

Dodge Ram kits are designed to either fit over the existing surface or to replace the original piece. They are installed around the face of the board and have spaces to accommodate knobs, switches, and controls in all different model years of the Dodge Ram 2500. Kits are available in all different colors, patterns, and textures. They are traditionally made from different types of plastic, but some utilize wood and metal as well. Kits allow the Dodge Ram’s owner to utilize some of his or her personal stylistic preferences.

What is the function of a cover?

Dodge Ram covers are made to fit on top of the dashboard. These too come in a variety of finishes, including metallic, fabrics, and an assortment of colors. Similarly to kits, some covers are made to be installed over the existing top of the board while others act as complete replacements. Covers and kits can match or can be different finishes to create a look of the Dodge owner’s choice.

What are some qualities of gauges?

Dodge Ram vehicle gauges set above the steering controls and track functions like speed, gas mileage, and fuel capacity. Gauges come in a wide variety of styles with different colored lights, fonts, and numbers to choose from. The size of gauges depends on the particular model of Dodge Ram 2500 at hand.

What kinds of organizers are there?

Dodge Ram organizers typically fit into the glove box. Envelope-style organizers might hold important documents like registration and oil-change receipts, while hard-shelled organizers may be a good place for small odds and ends so that they are all localized in one place. Dividers are also common for glove boxes in order to partition the space and make it easier to organize.

What do Ram 2500 steering wheels offer?

Some styles are covered in leather while others are wrapped in other textiles. Some models even utilize areas of metallic finish. Different logos may be in the center above the horn, and buttons like cruise control or Bluetooth controls may occupy the interior of the wheel.

What are care tips for Dodge dash parts and accessories?

Wipe down the dashboard in your Ram truck regularly with a damp cloth, making sure to wring almost all of the water out of the cloth before wiping down the dash so that extra water does not get into any of the controls or knobs. Dry your dash with another soft cloth. Wiping your board down will remove dust and improve longevity and function.