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Dash Parts for Dodge Ram 1500

To replace and maintain the components in your truck's dashboard, it's best to ensure that you have an understanding of what they are and how they work for your Dodge. Beyond strict functionality, the central collection of instruments and displays can also be the entertainment epicenter of the interior of your Ram. In this collection, you can find the dash parts that mesh perfectly with the aesthetics of your Dodge Ram and meet your needs as a driver.

What types of Dodge Ram 1500 dash parts are available?

The main components of the dashboard in a Dodge Ram truck are the bezel and the dash cover. These plastic pieces provide the housing for a variety of other vital parts and optional accessories. For instance, the vents installed in the bezel provide airflow throughout the vehicle. The bezel also often serves as a home for a stereo or GPS unit. There are even accessories available for the dash cover itself, such as dash mats.

What are the benefits of dashboard mats?

A dashboard mat is a protective cover, sometimes called a dashmat, that sits on top of the dash cover and protects the plastic surface from UV rays. They are often made from felt. Though simple sunshine may not seem like much of a danger, over time, UV rays can crack or otherwise damage a dash cover. A dashmat prevents this eventuality by providing a secondary surface that isn’t hurt by the sun and that completely covers the top-facing section of your Ram 1500's dashboard.

How do you install a GPS in a Dodge Ram?

Installing a GPS, or Global Positioning System, is one of the most common upgrades that Dodge Ram 1500 owners perform for their truck. Installing a GPS in your Ram is simple and only requires basic shop tools and about an hour of labor. Just follow these easy steps to remove your existing stereo unit and replace it with a GPS. Instructions may vary based on factors like the year of manufacture.

  • Remove the bezel in the center of the dash. Depending on the model of your Dodge Ram 1500, this process can be as simple as inserting a flat bladed tool along the edge and working outward, or it can sometimes require removing various screws located along the edges.
  • Once the bezel has been pulled free from the dashboard, disconnect any electrical wiring leading to knobs or instruments.
  • Then, remove the stereo unit from its housing by removing the bolts at each corner. After pulling the stereo out of the housing, disconnect the electrical connections from the back.
  • Connect the electrical connections to the rear of your new GPS device and insert it into the housing. Secure the GPS device with the corner bolts.
  • Reconnect the wiring to the bezel and push it into place. If any bolts were removed, reinsert them into the bezel. Fire up the engine and turn on the GPS unit to ensure that the installation was successful.