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Dodge Charger Dash Parts

Dodge Charger dashboard parts come in different types, colors, and finishes to complement the style of the vehicle’s interior. When redoing or replacing your interior’s accessories, understanding the parts available can aid in your selection. Clean your d-board regularly to enhance the qualities of the parts you select.

What types of Dodge Charger dashboard parts are available?

Dodge Charger d-board parts include bezels, dash covers, dash inserts, dash panels, dash vents, knobs, levers, and clocks.

  • Bezels come in different colors and coatings to frame various elements on the d-board. Some are powder coated, while others have cutouts to allow for certain lights to shine through. Bezels are made from a variety of plastic and metallic textiles.
  • Dash covers for Dodge Chargers come in a variety of different styles to accommodate openings for CD changers and d-board features. Covers come in different colors and finishes to appeal to a variety of tastes.
  • Inserts are mounting panels for adding various features and elements to the d-board. They come with round, rectangular, and square openings to accommodate many different pieces and parts.
  • Panels fit over the dash such that all of the vehicle’s gauges shine through. There are customized cutouts for each of the Dodge Charger’s dials. Some gauge mounts feature a round top, while others are more rectangular in shape.
  • Vents come in a variety of sizes. Some models are rectangular while others are round; some are plastic, metal, or a combination of both. Even vintage style vents are available to adorn the interior of a Dodge Charger.
  • Knobs come in many different metallic finishes, the most common being aluminum because of its light weight. Some are thicker at one end; others have a bullet-like silhouette. Knobs come in all different sizes and shapes to set the stylistic tone of the d-board.
  • Levers help a Dodge Charger’s electrical system achieve optimum electrical efficiency and come in a range of different metals. Levers have generally the same shape, regardless of their brand or design.
  • Clocks come in both analog and digital, with a variety of finishes and appearances. Some are trimmed in metal, while others have the same dark appearance as the rest of the background. Clocks can become a significant design aspect of a Dodge Charger’s interior.
How do you care for a Dodge Charger’s dashboard?

Wipe the surface down with a damp, soft cloth periodically to remove any dust built up on top of the component or gauges. Continue to wipe it down until the cloth comes back clean. Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe away the excess moisture after you are finished dusting. Any stains or spills are likely to come off the surface with a moist towel or wet wipe.

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