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Chevrolet Monte Carlo Dash Parts

The unique interior design of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo gives the feel of not only luxury but also of comfort. Whether the design is classic leather or a custom creation, you will want to preserve the condition of the dash in your vehicle. Therefore, it may be necessary at times to repair or replace dash parts that have become worn or damaged in places.

How do you remove the dash from your Monte Carlo?

Though the year and model of your Chevrolet Monte Carlo could slightly alter the steps, many will follow a similar pattern. In fact, any Chevrolet coupe or LS should follow instructions like those below:

  • Remove the bottom panel under the steering wheel column in your Monte Carlo by pulling the two clips. Then, remove the fuse panel on the driver's side near the door. When pulling the panels away, be careful to watch for wires that need to be unclipped.
  • You will then need to remove the two bolts under the bottom panel as well as the bolt under the fuse panel that you took off. Another bolt is in the glove box.
  • Activate the parking break in your Chevrolet Monte Carlo and then put the car into first gear. It is then possible to pull the cylinder around the ignition slot out of the way. (The transmission acts as a lock for the cylinder.)
  • You may then begin pulling your dash back carefully. Once it has popped loose from your Monte Carlo, take note of the emergency light switch and carefully unclip the wire from the back.
  • Finally, begin to pull back and then lift up over the wheel and to the right to remove the dash panel in your Chevrolet.
Is it safe to drive with a cracked dash?

While it is true that the Chevrolet Monte Carlo dash and parts are primarily cosmetic, it may be unsafe in the event of an accident. Part of the dash could come apart due to the crack should you crash, or it may cause damage to the components behind the dash such as the radio, air controls, or dials. It is a good idea to repair or replace the dash in your Chevrolet to prevent more expensive repairs later.

What parts are in the dash of your Monte Carlo?

In any model of Chevrolet, you will find many of the same standard parts such as the speedometer, transmission indicator, lights, radio, temperature controls, and ignition switch to start your engine. In an automatic, the transmission will show in the dash which gear you are in. In a manual transmission, however, your indicators may or may not simply indicate drive and reverse or neutral. Certain Chevrolets will have additional features beyond those that come stock. Panels may be popped off to make room in your Monte Carlo for further engine indicators such as oil life and pressure.