Develop Your Own Photos with Darkroom Equipment

In a world where so much photography is digital, it's nice to know that film photography still exists. Darkroom equipment will allow you to develop your film and photographs. Finding new and used darkroom equipment on eBay can ensure you have the supplies needed for your hobby.

What are the options for an enlarger?

An enlarger is the main piece of darkroom equipment. It is what shines light through the negative and exposes the photographic paper in order to create the image. There are various options available with an enlarger to help you choose the kind of photography you want to create.

  • Color: You have the choice of a color enlarger or one that does black and white exclusively.
  • Mount: There are table, floor, and wall-mounted enlargers. You can decide which one works based on the size images you want to create.
What are the chemicals needed in a darkroom?

There are various types of chemicals needed to develop film and paper. The chemicals come in bottles and powders, allowing you to choose how you want to mix them.

  • Developer: This will develop film and paper to ensure that the image is retrieved once film or paper has been exposed to light.
  • Fixer: This will fix the image onto the film or paper so that it won't continue to develop when brought into the light.
  • Washer: There are wash agents that can be used to give the paper or film an extra wash beyond using tap water.
What are some of the different pieces of darkroom equipment?

You may find a variety of items on eBay to help you develop film and photographs inside of your darkroom.

  • Timer: Helps you to keep track of how long you're exposing an image
  • Easel: Holds the paper down when it's under the enlarger
  • Developing trays: Holds the chemicals when developing paper
  • Developing tank and reels: Reels hold the film; tank is for developing
  • Graduates: Vessels to measure chemicals and water when processing film and paper
What kinds of bundles are available?

Many eBay sellers will bundle items for your convenience. Particularly when you're looking for a darkroom equipment kit, it can be the easiest way to get multiple items off of your checklist.

  • Film developing bundle: You may find a tank, reels, and drying clips sold together.
  • Enlarger kit: An enlarger, lens, film carrier, timer, and easel may be bundled together.