What Is Practice Dancewear?

Practice dancewear is typically worn during practice sessions. The clothing you can wear while practicing your dance routines greatly depends on the dance school dress code. For example, some ballet schools may require a leotard, tights, and tutu during rehearsals, while others may allow you to wear shorts and a comfortable top. Generally, leggings, crop tops, spandex shorts, and unitards are ideal options, as they allow free movement.

How Do You Size Ballet Dancewear?

As a general rule, both leotards and ballet shoes come small. Leotards come in four sizes: small, intermediate, medium, and large. To avoid dancewear that may be too tight, it is best to go one size up from your normal size. For example, if you normally wear small size clothing, you may want to purchase an intermediate leotard. Ballet shoes should also be one size larger than your everyday shoes, particularly if you prefer a loose fit. You can find a vast selection of leotards, ballet shoes, and tutus dancewear on eBay.

How Do You Wear Belly Dancewear?

There are two common ways to wear belly dance scarves. The first is knotting the scarf on the side of your hip, while the other is knotting it in front of your stomach. Both preferences require the same wrapping method. Simply hold either end of the scarf with your hands and bring it around your waist, in line with your hip bones. Bring the two ends together and tie them into a snug knot. The scarf should rest on your waist, just below your navel.