Dagger Kayaks

Having a kayak allows you to paddle to hidden campsites and watering holes, see beautiful views that can't be seen from the shore, or tear down whitewater rapids. Kayaks come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes, and each one is meant for certain activities and has certain benefits, such as more stability or maneuverability. Dagger kayaks have different models for various activities, including touring, river running, recreation, and whitewater.

What categories of kayaks does Dagger make?
  • Sit-in: Sit-in Dagger kayaks are a great option for a day paddling on the lake. These boats are self-draining and quite stable, making it easy to get in and out of them. These Dagger models are not enclosed on top, so these boats are better suited for warm weather activities.
  • Sit-on-top: Sit-on-top Dagger kayaks have an interior seat, and these boats offer more protection from the water as they can utilize spray skirts. These Dagger boats are generally good for intermediate and advanced kayakers.
What styles of kayaks are there?
  • Whitewater: These Dagger models are easy to maneuver, making them ideal to navigate whitewater rapids. Their design allows them to handle well in the waves. All of these Dagger models are sit-in models for increased safety when paddling in the waves.
  • Touring: Dagger's touring boats are designed for extended paddling trips and include large amounts of storage space. These models are also generally longer, making them easy to paddle in a straight line.
  • Recreational: Dagger offers recreational boats that are wide and short, making them stable and easy to maneuver. These kayaks can be used for an easy day out paddling on a pond or floating down the river, and these kayaks can be either sit-in or sit-on-top models.
  • Creeking/River Running: River and creek kayaks are built for speed, so they are often long and skinny. These Dagger kayaks are better suited for intermediate and advanced users.
Is a kayak the same as a canoe?

A kayak is not the same as a canoe, and these two vessels differ in numerous ways. As far as the boat is concerned, a kayak often has only a single seat where the kayaker is, and the boat sits low in the water and generally has a closed top on it. Kayaks also utilize a paddle with two blades, one on each end, whereas canoe paddles only have a single blade and are often shorter. Canoes are generally open topped and can fit more than one individual. The paddlers generally kneel, and the sides of the boat come up higher out of the water.

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