What Is Wholesale?

The term wholesale describes selling large quantities of products at low prices. Due to the large scales involve, transactions are normally between manufacturing businesses and businesses intending to sell the products at retail, rather than transactions between businesses and consumers. However, many private sellers offer wholesale lots at auction, usually as a way to pass on unwanted collections or to clear out a house or garage. Many of the wholesale lots on eBay comprise large quantities of older, low-value products. For example, individual VHS video tapes have a low resale value, as they are outdated technology, so sellers bundle them together in a bulk lot for a quick and convenient sale. Consumers purchasing such lots often get items at great, low values.

Why Buy Wholesale Dvds and Movies?

Retailers often purchase wholesale goods to sell on to customers for profit. However, there are many reasons why customers would also consider purchasing a large quantity of products in a single transaction.The most obvious benefit associated with wholesale shopping is the potential to get items at low prices. By buying in bulk, it is possible to get a lower price per unit. This makes wholesale lots a great way to build a collection at a low cost. Additionally, sorting through a bulk lot of products to find rare or unusual items is a lot of fun, and it is possible to sell unwanted items to make back some of the initial purchase price or to make a charitable donation.Wholesale lots are particularly good for collectors of old, discontinued, and outdated products, such as laserdiscs and VHS videos. Demand for such products is not high, so sellers often group them into bulk lots at auctions. Collectors can take advantage of these auctions to build a collection rapidly and to find items that are difficult to source from other locations.