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Live Your DJing Dreams with DJ Hero for the Xbox 360

DJ Hero is an Xbox 360 game for anyone who likes both music and video games. Featuring a wide range of remixes of popular songs, it can lead to hours of fun for the entire family. It may not help you start your music career, but you can certainly role-play as a DJ whenever you want.

What Does Gameplay in DJ Hero Involve? 

DJ Hero is sold in a bundle that includes a disc to for your Xbox 360 console and a turntable to use as a controller. 

  • Software: The mechanics of this video game is much like any rhythm and music game. The colored buttons on the controller correspond to the lines that appear on the screen. The is to score as many points as possible by pressing the correct buttons as the signals approach. 
  • Hardware: DJ Hero's custom controller looks like a turntable. It has buttons to activate beats, crossfade, and mix songs. You can also "scratch" the turntable.

What Modes Are Available and What Type of Songs Are Featured?

DJ Hero features a single player mode and a cooperative multiplayer mode that can be fun for parties and gatherings.

  • Single Player: Also known as career mode or story mode, the single player game will see you rising up and conquering increasingly challenging remixes. 
  • Cooperative Multiplayer: Some songs allow you to play two parts, a DJ part and a guitar part. The guitar part of the game is played much like Guitar Hero.
  • Featured Songs: DJ Hero features more than a hundred songs from famous artists and DJs like Daft Punk and hip-hop star Jay Z. Many of the remixes were developed by DJ Shadow to be unique to the game. 

What Other Similar Games Are Available?

If you enjoy the experience provided by DJ Hero, you may want to get your hands on more games in the same genre. 

  • DJ Hero Series: Newer DJ Hero games improve on the original game and bring more features. DJ Hero 2 features an Empire career mode, head-to-head competitive battles, and a Party Play mode. DJ Hero 3D is developed to work on handheld gaming devices.
  • Guitar Hero Series: Similar to the DJ Hero turntable bundle, Guitar Hero also comes with a software and a standalone controller. Songs available with Guitar Hero tend to be more in the rock genre.

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