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DC Snowboards

DC Snowboards

Choosing a snowboard with specifications that match your physical body and skills can help you make your riding experience both more comfortable and efficient. DC Shoes offers a lineup of snowboards for snowboarders who are just beginning to individuals who have been snowboarding for years. The company specializes in providing gear for action sports in which both men and women participate.

What are some of the different series of snowboards that DC Shoes offers?

DC Shoes has a varied lineup of snowboards for both men and women. Here are just a few of the snowboards available in their lineup:

  • Mens PBJ Snowboard: Equipped with a Stratus core, true base, traditional plus-4mm camber, 3-degree bevel, 5/10 flex rating, and 100 percent wood composition.
  • Womens Telegraph Snowboard: Comes with a traditional plus-4mm traditional camber, Stratus core, 6/10 flex rating, 100 percent wood composition, and fresh deck top sheet.
  • Mens Space Echo Snowboard: Includes a traditional plus-6mm traditional camber, Stratus core, fresh deck top sheet, 100 percent wood composition, and 8/10 flex rating.
  • Mens Mega Snowboard: Built with 7/10 flex rating, a Lock and Load plus-6mm camber, Stratus core, fresh deck top sheet, and 100 percent wood composition.
  • Womens Biddy Snowboard: Equipped with a 5/10 flex rating, minus-3mm camber, rocker technology, 3-degree bevel, true base, 100 percent wood composition, and Stratus core.

Can women use snowboards advertised as mens?

DC Shoes understands that there are fundamental differences between the physical makeup of men and women, such as average height, weight, and center of gravity. Snowboards created for the womens line will be shorter and thinner to accommodate the average size of a female snowboarder. Some women may prefer using a snowboard in the mens lineup based on the specs of that board.

What shoes should be worn while snowboarding?

Snowboarders should wear snow boots that are designed to be strapped onto a snowboard. These specialized boots are waterproof and allow a person to walk around a mountain when they are not strapped onto a board. These boots are also designed to keep a persons feet warm in cold temperatures while snowboarding. DC Shoes offers its own line of snowboard boots for men, women, and children, which are compatible with DC Shoes snowboards.

What material are DC boards made of?

Unless otherwise noted, snowboards from DC Shoes are composed of 100 percent wood. However, specifications for DCs snowboards will vary based on factors, such as length, camber, and flex rating. Each snowboard is designed to handle well on various types of snow.

Whether the end of summer or winter draws near, bringing changes in weather and activity,Seasonal sales give you the opportunity to stock up and ensure youre ready for fun when they roll around again.

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