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Hyundai Accent Cylinder Heads and Parts

The cylinder head is one of the structural parts of your Hyundai Accent’s engine. When something goes wrong with it, it needs to be repaired immediately. You can find Hyundai Accent parts and cylinder heads that fit your Accent’s motor and learn more about them here.

What is a Hyundai Accent cylinder head?

The cylinder head sits on top of the engine block and covers the cylinders. Heads are usually made of cast iron, but manufacturers have begun using aluminum blocks and heads because they dissipate heat better than iron and weigh less. The cylinder head has separate channels through which fuel, exhaust, coolant, and oil circulate when the engine is running. Keeping these channels separated without leakage is important to prevent contamination of motor oil, loss of pressure in the cylinders, and loss of coolant.

What types of cylinder heads does the Accent use?

There are several different types of cylinder heads that have been used on the Hyundai Accent’s motors over the years, so it’s important to find the cylinder head that matches the engine in your model vehicle. Most Accent motors use single overhead camshaft or double overhead camshaft heads while others use direct-injection diesel engines and hybrid gasoline motors, which require different cylinder heads. Because the cylinder head is the top half of an engine block, each motor has its own head that’s its designed to use.

What are the symptoms of faulty cylinder heads and parts?
  • Coolant leakage: When a cylinder head in the Accent cracks, it can allow coolant to leak internally into the motor oil that is normally kept separate. This will cause the motor to lose coolant, be more prone to overheating, and suffer from contaminated oil. The leak may remain internal and become apparent when the motor oil becomes discolored and the loss of coolant is noticeable.
  • Loss of pressure: The amount of pressure in the cylinders when the motor's running is carefully designed and important to the engine’s ability to convert the combustion of gasoline to mechanical energy. A cracked cylinder head in a car can cause pressure to be lost. It can also be the result of a bad head gasket, which seals the seam between the head and the engine block. Pressure loss will cause the motor to misfire and run poorly.
  • Oil leakage: A bad head gasket can lead to oil leaking out of the motor. A cracked cylinder head can also lead to oil leaking into the combustion chambers, which can result in serious damage to the motor. In the latter case, you may notice the Hyundai motor begin to run poorly.