Add Cutlery Sharpeners to Your Checklist

You will find many new and used cutlery sharpeners for sale at affordable prices on eBay.

What types of cutlery sharpeners are available on eBay?

The four main categories of cutlery sharpeners are:

  • Sharpening stones - Sometimes called whetstones, they work well for sharpening very dull cutlery. You can place the knife’s blade edge to the sharpening stone at varying angles to reveal new layers of metal. They may also be used for sharpening razors and scissors.
  • Sharpening steels - These types of sharpeners are actually honing rods, which are designed to realign the blade whether it is sharp or dull.
  • Electric sharpeners - These work well and are typically easy to use.
  • Manual knife sharpeners - These will sharpen your cutlery well, are typically more affordable than electric sharpeners, and are easy to pack and carry.

 Essentials to know when purchasing cutlery sharpeners on eBay

If you decide on a sharpening stone, you will find three main types: diamond stones, oil stones, and whetstones. Each has a different method of preparation for use. Oil stones must be greased with oil prior to use. Whetstones are typically soaked in water prior to use. Diamond stones are typically very durable and may be used dry.

Reasonably priced cutlery sharpeners are available in a variety of materials on eBay. The most common materials you will find are aluminum, brass, carbon steel, cast iron, ceramic, marble, stainless steel, and stone.

You will also want to consider that there is a difference between honing and sharpening. Sharpening a blade results when you physically remove a layer of steel from the knife blade, which reverts the edge back into a fine point with a specific angle.

When you sharpen a blade, the edge may become out of alignment slightly, which affects its performance. A honing steel helps realign the edge and keeps it straight.

Specialty cutlery sharpeners include pull-through sharpeners, fix angle sharpeners, and pocket knife sharpeners.

 What brands make cutlery sharpeners?

You will find a wide array of brand names for cutlery sharpeners. Some knife makers also make their own sharpeners. Or, you can select your cutlery sharpener based upon the type of knives you wish to sharpen. Some common brand names are Chef's Choice, Suehiro, WUSTHOF, Smiths, DMT, King, Work Sharp, All-Clad, Masamoto, Mastercut Tool Corp, Messermeister, and Metaltex.