What Is the Process of Custom Shirt Design?

Typically, companies that offer custom shirt design first take design samples in person or through e-mail to get an idea of what the customer wants. The company then creates a proof and shows it to the customer. At that point, any alterations to the design take place, and the company shows the customer a final proof before printing the shirts. After completing the shirts, the company ships them directly to the customer with the proper payment documentation.

What Are Some Tips for Caring for Custom Jewelry?

Depending on the design and materials, properly caring for custom jewelry often entails careful handling and the right cleaning techniques. When made from precious metals like gold, platinum, and some silver alloys, custom jewelry is less likely to tarnish, though it is still susceptible to scratches when not properly handled. Keep custom jewelry free of dirt, grime, and lotions to avoid dulling, and gently clean it with a softened toothbrush. When caring for pearls simply wipe them with a soft cloth after wear, and store them in a jewelry box or container with plenty of space.

What Are the Different Hat Styles to Consider When Getting a Custom-Made Hat?

When selecting a hat style for a custom hat design, the most common options include adjustable, bucket, and fitted hats. Knitted hats and stretch-fit hats are also sometimes options for customers, as are visors. For a trendy look, some companies offer flat-bill caps to highlight logos or designs.