Cruise in Style on a Custom-Built Motorcycle.

Don't settle when it comes to your bike, choose a custom-built motorcycle for a one-of-a-kind ride. Experts and hobbyists alike, enjoy tinkering with the various components of a bike. Feel free to browse eBay's full listings of custom motorcycles for models with a multitude of features and conditions ranging from new to used and from ready to ride to needs some work.  

Choose a Type to Start Customizing.

All riders have their favorite bike brand and often have a specific type they prefer. Every biker has their own preference whether it be Harley Davidson, Honda, or Yamaha. Some want to hit the road on a cruiser while others choose a three-wheeled trike. However, just because one might prefer a type or brand, the rider enjoys the extras you get with a customized motorcycle. For example, add distance to the bike with a stretched-out frame, or shorten the bike by removing the fenders. Of course, another option is to add lengthened and extended handlebars.  

Hallmarks of Custom Motorcycles

It's not only about changing the way the aesthetic of the machine looks; there are mechanical changes as well that occur when experts customize their vehicles.  

● Changing up the engine is a common part to build onto. The V-twin engine of one motorcycle may be added to a different body to create a superbike that's much more high-performance. 

● The handlebars are often altered, either shortened or lengthened, which can vastly change the way a motorcycle looks. For instance, a chopper is known for long handlebars and a lengthy look overall as its main custom feature. 

● Believe it or not, some types of customs, called rat bikes, are made with old and withered parts or meant to look like they're pieced together and barely running.  

How Do You Select a Custom Build?

There are several ways to go about looking for the right design for you.  

● Aesthetics are important to some, so you may fall in love with a bike due to its color scheme, racing stripes, paint job, or even personalization.  

● When you're loyal to a particular brand, you may want to stick to that brand, whether it's a vintage Kawasaki or a late model year Yamaha, a custom version of your favorite company may be the way to go. 

● Think about the size of the engine. The heart of your motorcycle is measured in cc's, and the higher the number, the bigger it is, which means more power and performance. These range from less than 250 cc's to over 1,000 cc's depending on your personal preference.  

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