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Toyota Corolla Cup Holders

For many drivers, a mug of coffee or a can of soda is a must-have item for their car trips. If the cup holders in your Toyota Corolla are not in proper working order, you'll have nowhere to safely set your drink when both hands are on the steering wheel. Upgrading or replacing the cup holders in your Toyota sedan can ensure that you'll always have a secure place to put your drink.

Is it necessary to replace the entire cup holder unit?

If your cup holder is broken, you may need to replace the entire unit. For example, the back seat of many Corollas is equipped with a prong-style unit for holding drinks. The arms that secure the cups sometimes break off. If that happens to yours, you will probably need to switch out the whole cup holder unit in order for the passengers in the rear seats to have a spot to rest their drinks.

Other times, however, you are missing only one component, and replacing that one part is all that is necessary. For instance, even in fairly new sedans with low mileage, the divider that goes in the front console of a Toyota Corolla may go missing. A new divider will have your old Toyota cup holder working as good as new without having to replace the entire center console.

What Toyota cup holder upgrades are available?

Instead of replacing your Toyota Corolla cup holders with ones that match the manufacturer originals, you might want to upgrade your cup holders with the addition of accessories.

  • Window cup holder: Expand your car's drink capacity by mounting an additional cup holder on one or more of the windows of your vehicle.
  • Ashtray: An add-on accessory can turn your standard Corolla cup holder into an in-car ashtray for smokers.
  • Lighted cup holder: Illuminate your Toyota cup holder at night with an LED accessory designed especially for vehicle drink holders.
What should you consider when buying a cup holder?
  • Model year: The interior design of Toyota Corollas can change from year to year. If you are buying a replacement cup holder unit or replacement parts, it is important to find accessories that are intended for use in vehicles that match your Corolla model year. Otherwise, the parts that you buy may not work in your Toyota vehicle.
  • Interior trim color: If you want your car to maintain the look it had when you first purchased it from a dealer, you should strive for consistency among your accessories by purchasing cup holders that are the same color as your car's other features.
  • Location: The front and rear seats of a Corolla have different cup holder designs, so most accessories are exclusive to use in either the front seat or the back seat. Do not try to use these interchangeably. However, some aftermarket accessories, such as window cup holders, may be compatible with any seat position.