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Cup Holders for Toyota 4Runner

No matter how many cup holders you need for your manual or automatic Toyota 4Runner, you can get them. All of the cup holders and accessories are made from top-of-the-line materials that can handle the everyday wear and tear and even some off-road action. You can get exact replacements for your originals, or choose the aftermarket options that fit any additional needs.

Which companies make cup holders for the 4Runner?

When you're looking for the right cup holders to fit your vehicle, you can choose from three basic types of products. The first is the unbranded products. Your next choice is the genuine OEM items. These premium parts are made specifically by Toyota for your SUV. The final choice is the aftermarket branded products. When you pick these items, you will be getting products made by worldwide companies like:

  • Factory Automotive Distributors
  • Super PDR
  • UU-Auto Parts
  • FH Group
Where do these products fit on a Toyota vehicle?

You can expect the products to fit in the front, rear, right, and left holders of your 4Runner. Additional cupholder options for seats, doors, and vents can also be found.

Can you get and replace the entire cup holder?

Cupholders are usually made of high-quality plastic, and the inserts are made of durable, pliable rubber. You can get as many or as few parts as needed to finish the replacement. Some of the late-model Toyota 4Runners have collapsible styles in the dash, so they may be installed slightly differently than traditional drink carriers.

Before ordering any of the replacement parts, you should consult your owner's manual to make certain that you are choosing the right accessories for your 4Runner. Although many parts may seem to be interchangeable, you must choose the proper size to be certain that your beverages will stay secure while driving.

What fitment types are there to choose from 4Runners?

You basically have two fitment possibilities for your Toyota automobile. The typical replacement option will give your vehicle a practically identical look to the way it came from the factory.

There is also a performance fit. When choosing this type of fitting, you can have the products placed in a different location of the Toyota. Besides changing the location, you have the option of choosing different holders. Some of the performance products light up and some of them have additional space to conveniently hold your cell phone, sunglasses, or other items. Different insert types allow you to have cutouts for handles on coffee cups, hold larger fast food cups, or hold thinner drink canisters like seltzer cans.